Sweeten Up Your Life This Fall

Jillian Brazel,
Pastry Chef


Look for new vegan and wheat-free desserts, and 
try our decadent maple cupcakes, here for the fall only!

The air is crisp and the leaves will be soon be in full color before they disappear. Let's embrace the season with some delicious treats. We have a new cupcake to introduce, a maple cake that's pretty darn tasty — with maple Swiss buttercream, topped with a natural maple candy. Did you know that we buy all of our maple syrup from New York state? Be sure to look for these cupcakes in two-packs — we'll be offering them for a limited time only! For those of you who are both vegan and wheat-free, we have two exciting new desserts for you to try! The first is a great seasonal pumpkin cheesecake. It's available in the pastry case, in the six-inch size only. The second is even more decadent: La Bête Noire (the Black Beast) is the vegan counterpart to our already flourless Amour cakes. We think you'll love them!


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Bakery News

GreenStar's Bakery Expands Wheat-Free Offerings

By Kristie Snyder, 

GreenLeaf Editor

wheat-free-dessertsYou know a diet is popular when a Google search returns over 12 million results, as it does for "gluten free diet." Compare that with "vegan diet," which turns up a paltry 2.6 million. It's clear that people are increasingly avoiding wheat products and gluten, the stretchy protein found in wheat and many of its relatives. Many who avoid gluten have been diagnosed with celiac disease, in which gluten consumption can cause intestinal inflammation and damage the lining of the intestines. Others experience wheat allergies or intolerances, which can lead to a host of symptoms.

Ten years ago, finding gluten- or wheat-free baked goods could be a real challenge, and finding ones that tasted good proved even more difficult. But a trip to GreenStar's bakery case today yields over two dozen delicious wheat- or gluten-free options.

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