Cayuga Pure Organics Rebuilds

By Tina Wright

beans-heartFor Cayuga Pure Organics, an important local supplier of organic dried beans and grains to GreenStar, there is good news and bad news right now. Erick Smith, owner-operator of the Brooktondale farm, is grateful for the great response to their fund-raising campaign following the accidental fire that destroyed their beanery building last spring. They raised over $80,000 on a crowd-sourcing site and other community members, fans, and local foodies chipped in another $50,000. Smith said, "It was short of our goal but we are amazed at what people are helping us with."

In the past six years, GreenStar has carried CPO's pinto, Red Merlot, navy, kidney, Jacob's Cattle, and cranberry beans; on the grain side, live oats, freekeh, hard red winter wheat; and seasonally, farro, rye, barley, sunflower seeds, popcorn, spring wheat, soft wheat, and spelt.

The other good news is that a brand-new beanery and grain mill has risen from the ashes. Using a unique building method to achieve net-zero energy costs, with no heating or cooling needed, the new building will be super-insulated on top and three feet into the ground, which will keep the indoor temperature a good 40-50 degrees even in winter because of heat stored in the ground. Sustainable Tompkins has just announced a modest award to the farm for their contribution to climate health. CPO wants the building someday to be a showcase and model for others.

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New in Bulk

Living Intentions

Joe Damiano,
Bulk Department Manager

liv014-living-intentions-pumpkin-and-sunflower-sprouted-seeds-with-ayurvedic-chili-blend-bag-shot 1Look for new products from Living Intentions, a line of raw, sprouted, vegan, and gluten-free snacks and cereals.

We're adding some new products from our friends at Living Intentions. All of this California-based company's products are raw, sprouted, vegan, and gluten-free. Last month we rolled out our first selections from their terrific product line, and GreenStar shoppers responded very well to the offerings. So this month we're bring you even more: look for several more new products, including sprouted pecans, hazelnuts, and brazil nuts, and a cereal called Cacao Crunch. This superfood cereal contains, among other things, maca root, mineral-dense mesquite pod powder, astragalus root, and reishi mycelium. Whoa. Pick up your favorite milk in the refrigerated section and give it a try. Or just eat it out of the bag. All of the new Living Intentions products will be on a Member Deal sale for the entire month, so stop by the Bulk Department and check 'em out!

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