Farmer Ground Revives New York's Flour Power

By Kristie Snyder,
GreenLeaf Editor

wheat_Weizenfeld_Anfang_Juli_2009Eating locally is a noble goal, but any Ithacans baking bread with Farmer Ground Flour, grown and milled locally, may not realize how good they have it. Finding local flour is all but impossible in most of this country, and Canada, too. When a Vancouver couple decided to spend a year eating only food grown within 100 miles of their home, flour became their holy grail. Authors of the 2007 book, Plenty: Eating Locally on the 100 Mile Diet, Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon spent eight months deprived of pasta, bread, crackers, pizza and all the other delights that ground wheat can provide. While a previous search yielded nothing but a tubful of weevil-infested wheat berries liberally sprinkled with mouse droppings (which was, reluctantly, discarded), they did finally locate a supply of wheat flour grown within 100 miles of Vancouver. A baking frenzy ensued.

“We were back in the familiar world of carbohydrate loading, and yet it was not the same. I had never imagined the difference fresh flour would make,” wrote MacKinnon. “Everything we made we ate simply, letting the flavor of the wheat stand alone. It tasted -— ancient. We would sit together to break the bread. A sacred act.”

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A Bowl of Hot Soup

Joe Damiano,
Bulk Department Manager

32 bean 8 vegetable soup 300pxNorth Bay Trading Company's soup mixes make it easy to put warm, nourishing soup on the table —add some dried mushrooms, too!

It's the perfect time of year to remind you about North Bay Trading Company's hearty, delicious soup mixes: Spicy Southwest, Wild Rice Vegetable, 32 bean & 8 Vegetable, and Whole Wheat Alphabet Vegetable. What's better on a cold winter day than a big pot of soup? And if you're going to make a pot of any size, don't forget to pick up some wakame (or any of the eight types of sea vegetables that we carry in bulk) and shiitake mushrooms (or any of the five types of mushrooms that we carry in bulk). These make great additions to any soup, especially miso. Have you made any miso soup lately?? We have no less than seven types of miso in the Bulk Department! They're deeply satisfying and nourishing. Remember not to boil miso, but to stir it in at the end of cooking or even into individual serving bowls. Enjoy!

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