A Busy Day in the Life of the Co-op

Thursday, 27 September 2007 11:34

By Michael Hoysic, Human Resources Manager

Saturday is usually a day off for me, but I knew there were several events that GreenStar was involved with that were happening on September 15, so I planned on event-hopping through the day. The common thread throughout the events was a focus on “local” and supporting the community in which we live. GreenStar didn’t plan to have a special, event-packed day that celebrated “local,” it’s just what we do. It happened naturally.

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GreenStar Community Weighs In on China Boycott

Thursday, 27 September 2007 11:32

At the August 14 and September 11 Council meetings, the GreenStar community began a lively discussion regarding the possibility that the Co-op will lift or alter its current ban on most goods produced in the People’s Republic of China in addition to implementing other product line guideline changes. (Please see additional coverage in this and last month’s Council News columns on page 3.) In order to allow this complex and controversial discourse to continue, short statements were solicited from those at the meetings including all councilmembers, present staff, representatives from the Ithaca Tibetan Association and other community members.
Please recognize that given the limited space allotted to each contributor, a comprehensive statement of position was next to impossible.

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Did Cooperators Evolve from the Apes

Thursday, 27 September 2007 11:26

By Joe Romano, Marketing Manager

Cooperate and nobody gets hurt.
-William Tilghman. In Matt Braun’s pulp novel, Outlaw Kingdom

Humans are a unique and unusual species. We are the only living primates in North America. Oddly, we are distinct from other mammals in that we cannot drink and breathe at the same time. (We can breathe and chew gum at the same time however.) We stand upright. We have very elaborate speech patterns and facial mobility. Most of us have no fur on our bodies. We have generalized teeth that allow for a very opportunistic omnivore’s diet. Small litters (usually one) and elaborate social structures are also unique features we share with only a few other primates. And of course, we have the specialized, opposable thumb which provides us with hands built for both power and precision. We can ball a fist or pen a treaty, hurl a spear or play a violin.

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Membership Manager

    ballot-boxThe 2014 annual member-owner survey revealed that many member-owners don't vote because they aren't familiar with the voting process — what it is, how it works, when and where votes take place — or they don't feel well enough informed about the issues or candidates to vote. The results suggest that GreenStar needs to better inform member-owners in order to support them in participating i...



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