Council to Send Bylaws Changes to Membership Vote; Approves Meat Referendum Interpretations

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Tuesday, 15 September 2015 18:39

By 12th Moon,

Council President

11-5-12thMoon-72dpiCouncil held its monthly meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 11 in the Classrooms @ GreenStar, with eleven of fourteen Council Members, three staff members, and one member-owner present. After introductions and Council Members' statements of preparedness, we replaced an item on our agenda that was not yet ready with a proposal to move budgeted monies from one line to another in the store's 2015 Capital Budget.

The first item on our agenda was the monthly General Manager's (GM) report. GM Brandon Kane was absent, attending a GM conference in North Carolina organized by the National Cooperative Grocers, so in his place our Operations Manager, Sara Paulison, updated us and answered questions. She reported that ground had been broken at the Collegetown site of our third store, and that everything should be in order to open that location by late summer of 2016. She also reported that, by the end of August, we should be closing on a loan from the Cooperative Fund of New England to outfit the Collegetown store. We're waiting to hear back from the National Cooperative Bank (NCB) regarding a loan request to refinance our property at 700 and 702 West Buffalo Street. The NCB loan and refinancing savings will make it possible for GreenStar to own a 130-kilowatt photovoltaic array in an off-site location in Tompkins County. A location has not been identified yet, but an array this size would provide about half of the electricity used at our 700 West Buffalo location, including the Central Kitchen.

The GM's report informed us that GreenStar will operate a "Pop-Up Co-op" at the Magnaball Phish festival in Watkins Glen at the end of August, and, if all goes well, we'll be looking to do the same at other venues in the future. Two new positions have been created and filled in the Central Kitchen/Bakery for a Catering Coordinator and Assistant, with the expectation that dedicated staff will help grow our catering business.

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Bylaws Changes May Be on the Horizon

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Monday, 03 August 2015 22:46

By Dan Hoffman,

Member, Bylaws Review Committee

2013 Dan HoffmanThere could be some changes in store for GreenStar's bylaws — but only if enough member-owners vote in October, and only if a "super majority" of them (two-thirds) vote to make the changes. The Co-op's Council will decide at its Aug. 11 meeting which proposed bylaws amendments will be sent to the membership this year.

A group's bylaws are like a City's charter or a state's constitution — containing the most basic values and rules by which it is to be guided and governed. It's considered a "best practice" for organizations such as GreenStar to review their bylaws regularly, and to propose and adopt changes as needed. GreenStar has an ad hoc Bylaws Review Committee (BRC) for that purpose. After being dormant for a couple of years, it was reactivated in March to consider bylaws changes that might be proposed in the fall of 2015, and beyond.

Currently, the committee includes four Council members (12th Moon, who chairs it, Patrice Lockert Anthony, Kristen Kaplan, and yours truly), two staff members appointed by the General Manager (Human Resources Manager Michael Hoysic and Membership Manager Alexis Alexander), and at-large member Jenny Caldwell. (Two at-large seats remain unfilled. If you think you might be interested, please fill out and submit an application — available at the stores or at

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Council Moves Forward on Loan for Collegetown; 
Begins New Bylaws Review Process

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Monday, 03 August 2015 22:45

By 12th Moon,

Council President

11-5-12thMoon-72dpiCouncil met Tuesday, July 14 in the Classrooms @ GreenStar at 6:30 pm for our monthly meeting with twelve of fourteen Council Members, three staff, and three member-owners present. During announcements, we heard that Council Member Ellen Brown recently gave birth to a happy, healthy daughter — congratulations, Ellen!

General Manager (GM) Brandon Kane presented the first item on our agenda, the GM's monthly report. Brandon reported that the focus for staff recently has been on expanding our BASICS Program, everyday low prices, and both the Member Deals and Flash Sales programs to provide our member-owners with more great products at the lowest prices possible. Brandon also reported that GreenStar was very well received at this year's Consumer Cooperative Management Association's annual conference in Boise, Idaho. Brandon participated on a panel that opened the conference with a discussion of how Co-ops can be more inclusive of people from all parts of our communities, especially people of color. During the conference, many attendees from co-ops around the country sought our advice on many issues, as GreenStar is seen as a leader in many areas of our business.

Brandon and Finance Manager Erik Amos spent much of their time during the past month compiling a ten-year financial plan to submit to the two cooperative lending institutions that are helping us with equipment purchases for the Collegetown location as well as a large solar array we hope to have in place later this year. Staff have also been working to create new shelf tags for the products we sell that will have symbols informing shoppers if the products are vegan, Fair Trade, produced by a co-op, local, regional, GMO-free, organic, etc. Our Central Kitchen staff have been creating new dishes and expanding on our hot-bar offerings, so look for new yummies at both stores. The Membership Department is now offering co-op info sessions for our member-owners. I attended the first one on July 9 in the Classrooms, and it was great and very well received — I recommend it to everyone to learn about the history of cooperatives in this country and the general business model. Well done, Membership. The next session is scheduled for August 24 at 7 pm in the Classrooms.

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Begins New Bylaws Review Process


Council Ends China Boycott; Elects Officers

Council - Council News

Thursday, 02 July 2015 06:53

By 12th Moon,

Council President

11-5-12thMoon-72dpiCouncil met in the Classrooms @ GreenStar on Tuesday, June 9 with ten Council Members, one Council Member-elect, five staff members (one, a Staff Advisory Board member), and four member-owners present. After some clarification regarding an agenda item and announcements we moved on to our business items.

The General Manager's monthly report came first with GM Brandon Kane reporting that, after a slow start to sales for the year, things are picking up and we are now matching budget. We hope that continued growth will bring us back in line with the projections for 2015. Brandon told us that both the new Member Deals and Flash Sales programs were meeting with member approval and continue to be a way to offer best prices to our member-owners. He also reported that a chalkboard has been mounted to the east wall of the West-End store that gives the number of local products we're carrying — currently 3,700 plus — and which will be updated weekly.

Brandon reported that much of his time lately has been dedicated to the financing of our planned Collegetown location and refinancing the annex, Central Kitchen, and Space building to allow us to install a large array of solar panels this year. GreenStar has applied to be a vendor at this year's Magnaball Festival in Watkins Glen in August — this will be our first foray into the concept of a pop-up co-op store. The construction of the Waterfront Trail is progressing but not without disrupting the traffic flow between Court and Buffalo Streets. Prior access that is now blocked by the construction has meant that people driving through are now on our side of the fencing between our building and Corks and More, creating a hazard for our staff as the entrance to our kitchen opens directly onto this route. Joy Mathews of Facilities staff has been working hard at the raised flower beds at the West-End store and added large flower pots around the Classrooms and the Space to help beautify our grounds. The DeWitt location has a new air conditioner to help cool the store and equipment.

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Council Rejects Petition for Member-Initiated Referendum; Seats New Member

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Wednesday, 03 June 2015 01:50

By 12th Moon,

Council President

11-5-12thMoon-72dpiCouncil met Tuesday, May 12 at the Classrooms @ GreenStar for our monthly meeting with all thirteen Council Members, two newly elected but not-yet-seated Council Members, five staff members, and a number of member-owners interested in a member-initiated petition to conduct a referendum vote regarding having GreenStar halt the sale of certain products from Israel and/or from specific companies associated with the conflict in Gaza and the West Bank (see below and Council's Message to Membership on this page for more on this).

After our introductions and statement of preparedness, we made an agenda amendment to add an item to our agenda for the evening, and then heard announcements. We then heard comments from a few members relevant to the petition.

The General Manager's (GM) monthly report came as our first order of business. Our GM, Brandon Kane, reported that the improvements at the DeWitt location, covering the stairway to the basement and opening up floor space as a result, have been very well received by members and staff alike. Brandon reported that Erik Amos, our new Finance Manager, and Matt McLaren, our new Central Kitchen Manager, are now familiar with their new positions and have been incorporated into the Area Supervisors Team. Brandon informed us that he had been asked to be part of a panel presentation at next month's annual national Consumer Cooperative Management Association (CCMA) conference. This will be the third year in a row that GreenStar has been asked to present at the CCMA conference; we must be doing something well. Brandon will be presenting our Fresh Local Organic Within Everyone's Reach (FLOWER) program and speaking about our diversity and inclusion efforts.

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