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GreenStar was created by its members to successfully operate stores with a triple bottom line: We hold profit, people and our planet as our primary concerns.

Part of a call for social and economic justice in this country and beyond, the cooperative business model has been a persistent alternative to “business as usual,” providing more value to co-op members through a one member – one vote equality to provide for the good of the community.

Inclusive and democratic operation, fair treatment of staff and customers, socially and environmentally conscious practices, support of local goods and products, keeping prices as low as reasonable, community involvement and education, and cooperation with other co-ops and like-minded organizations are the guideposts we follow as cooperators.

GreenStar is prepared for and engaged in real projects toward these outcomes. Council, staff, and our non-profit affiliate GreenStar Community Projects (GSCP) have focused, from our different perspectives, on how best to provide more benefits for our members and our community, how to partner with other co-ops regionally and nationally, and how to collaborate with local institutions and community organizations.

Co-ops are much more stable than capitalistic businesses in their communities — we aren’t going to move our operations to another town, or country, for some profit driven motive — we’re here for the long haul for you and because of you.

Get Involved by serving on GreenStar's Council

5 of 15 seats on GreenStar’s Council will be filled in the 2017 election.
To appear on the ballot, you must fill out and submit a Declaration of Candidacy form by March 1. Voting takes place through April.

Get more information by contacting Dan Hoffman or Jan Rhodes Norman at
Candidate forms are available at the stores and online.

Get Involved by serving on a GreenStar Council Committee

GreenStar’s Council (board of directors) seeks applications from Co-op members in good standing interested in serving on any of our various committees. You may nominate yourself or another member.


Bylaws – March 2016


Bylaws - March 2016 259.04 KB 38 downloads


GreenStar Policy Book – September 2016

Complete GreenStar Policy Book, updated following the September 2016 meeting of the cooperative's Board of Directors, Council.


GreenStar Policy Book - September 2016 5.85 MB 19 downloads

Complete GreenStar Policy Book, updated following the September 2016 meeting of the...

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