Council Appoints New Members; Approves Wording for Member Votes in November

Tuesday, 02 October 2012 22:32

By 12th Moon, 

Council President

11-5-12thMoon-72dpiCouncil met on Sept. 11 in The Space @ GreenStar and went through a long agenda of items in record time, finishing by 9:15! After introducing ourselves and stating our preparedness for the meeting, we heard from a member-owner about her concerns regarding whom to speak with when she has issues at the stores.


Brandon Kane, General Manager (GM), next presented his monthly GM report which updated us on the progress staff has made toward preparing for expansion, including compiling the necessary information to be submitted to our members for the upcoming votes regarding both the leasing of a second satellite store in Collegetown and the proposal to change our current two-percent discount to a Patronage Dividend system. (Information regarding the Patronage Dividend and Collegetown Expansion votes will be mailed or e-mailed, to those who have elected that option, and posted in the stores.)

Brandon also reported that an advisory committee of staff members will be drawing up plans and equipment lists to assess the needs and costs for an expansion project that would give GreenStar a central kitchen and bakery in our building at 700 W. Buffalo Street. In conjunction with the kitchen project, changes to both stores will be planned along with a renovation of The Space @ GreenStar to accommodate larger public events. Because of the work being planned for The Space, we will no longer be accepting requests to rent to the public until after renovations have been made.

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Members to Vote on Patronage Dividend and Collegetown Store During November

Saturday, 01 September 2012 16:15

By 12th Moon,
Council President

11-5-12thMoon-72dpiOn a dark and stormy night, Tuesday, Aug. 14, Council held its monthly meeting at The Space @ GreenStar. We lost power for a minute but barely missed a beat with our laptops providing an interim light source. It was a well-attended meeting with lively and respectful discussion, and much was accomplished.

General Manager (GM) Brandon Kane related in his monthly report that both stores are doing very well, with much attention focused on future plans and the upcoming 2013 budget. At this time, we're looking at two separate expansion plans for GreenStar over the next two years. Brandon presented a projected timeline for the outfitting and opening of a second satellite store in Collegetown in 2014, as well as renovations in 2013 to our warehouse building. The latter will include installing a central bakery and kitchen to serve all GreenStar locations and making improvements to the north end of the building, yielding a larger, nicer area for community events and meetings. Brandon also informed us that staff is no longer accepting requests to rent out The Space @ GreenStar in anticipation of the upcoming construction work. The final piece of the GM's monthly report was a compilation of results from a survey that staff had sent out to our members; this will be studied in more detail by our Membership Committee.

We next received the GM's second-quarter Financial Report, which was referred to our Finance Committee for review. The report shows the stores doing well, with staff striving to keep expenses in line with the budget despite unexpected repairs. Thanks to Finance Manager Joe Marraffino for his improvements to the format and presentation of financial information; the new layout and information provided were very well received by Councilmembers. The Finance Department's recent shift from quarterly to monthly financial statements allows staff to better adjust to changes in the economic environment.

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  • By Dan Hoffman,
Council Member and Governance Committee Chair

    ballot-boxOnce every year, GreenStar's member-owners have the opportunity to select people who will represent them by serving on the Co-op's governing body — which we call the Council. The annual Council election — which fills at least one-third of the seats on the board — occurs throughout the month of April, and member-owners can vote at either store, by mail, or in person at the Co-op's Annual Meeting on April 25.

    This year, there will be six candidates on the ballot — including three incumbents running for re-election (designated with asterisks below) and thre...


Next Council Meeting

Tuesday, April 8,
6:30 - 9:30 pm

The Classrooms @ GreenStar
(Former Enterprise Building)
702 W. Buffalo St., Ithaca

Members always welcome!

Possible Agenda Items:


  • Receive Raw GM Evaluation Statistics
  • Monitor Policy C.3 Council Calendar 2013-14; 
  • Receive President's Proposed Council Calendar 2014-15
  • Proposed Revisions to the 
GS Operational Budget 2014
  • Proposed Amendments to 
Meat Referendum #2 Interpretations
  • Proposed Termination of Membership for Those with Long-Due Outstanding Debts to the Co-op

NOTE: Agenda is tentative and subject to change. To confirm items, see actual agenda posted here and at the stores six days before the meeting.


Upcoming Council Events


Executive Planning Committee Meeting
Tuesday April 29, 05:30 PM


Finance Committee Meeting
Thursday May 01, 05:30 PM


Governance Committee Meeting
Monday May 05, 06:00 PM


Membership Committee Meeting
Thursday May 08, 05:00 PM


Regular Council Meeting
Tuesday May 13, 06:30 PM



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