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We are looking for energetic and personable individuals to join our natural foods cooperative to help provide our wholesome, quality products in an atmosphere of great service. GreenStar Co-op is committed to being an inclusive organization free from discrimination. We seek out and welcome people from diverse communities to participate in a community-owned cooperative business structure.

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Job Opening: Central Kitchen Manager

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Friday, 20 February 2015 20:09

APPLY BY: March 6, 2015



Purpose: To direct and manage Central Kitchen staff in order to meet objectives for food production, sales, margin, inventory turns and customer service. To collaborate with the retail Deli departments to help ensure that they meet their sales, margins and merchandizing goals as directed by the Operations Manager. This is an Area Supervisors position responsible for providing leadership and vision to help achieve organizational goals.

Commitment: "GreenStar Co-op is committed to being an inclusive organization free from discrimination. We seek out and welcome people from diverse communities to participate in a community-owned cooperative business structure"

Status: Report to Operations Manager

Level: Manager, 40-hours full-time,

Base is $38,000 annual salary with consideration of experience, benefits

Supervises: Assistant Central Kitchen Manager, Bakery Assistant Manager, Kitchen and Bakery staff, Event staff



A. Monitor adherence to the operational budget. Submit to Ops Manager for approval for anticipated performance shortage.

B. Ensure invoices are coded and submitted to Finance in a timely manner as per the Ops manager.

C. Participate in annual budget writing process.

D. Attend regular management (Area Supervisors) meetings. Attend Council and Committee meetings as directed by the General Manager.

E. Hold regular department meetings.

F. Scheduling of department staff.

G. Ensure on the job training including requiring them to participate in our HR and Customer service training programs.

H. Conduct timely performance evaluations.

I. To uphold the mission and values of GreenStar Co-op.

J. To model leadership of the department.

K. To keep current on operation/personnel policies and procedures.

L. Demonstrate regular, predictable work attendance.

M. Ensure that the department responds to administrative requests promptly.

N. Communicate standards, expectations, policy changes and product knowledge to all CK staff.

O. To stay current on trends and changes that affect the department and natural foods industry.


A. Respond to challenging situations in a positive and professional manner.

B. Assists customers with product/procedure questions in a prompt, and courteous manner, referring them to other staff when necessary.

C. Ensures that Central Kitchen staff and member workers provide knowledgable and courteous internal and external customer service.

D. Ensures that staff participates in customer service trainings.

E. Knowledgable about all Central Kitchen products. Answer questions accurately and promptly.

F. Helps customers place special orders and catering orders on site and off site.

G. Trains and is able to operate our POS system at the register and administratively.


A. Negotiate with suppliers for favorable prices, terms, quality, delivery.

B. Ensure that inventories are taken and orders are placed to secure adequate inventory of supplies and products.

C. Evaluate suppliers and investigate new sources of supply.

D. Ensure buyers maintain appropriate stock levels, accuracy and an organized storage space.

E. Receive orders or ensure proper receiving by other staff in accordance with established procedures.

F. Review invoices for accuracy and promptly pass on to Finance for payment

G. Trains and operates our POS and other adjunct systems (such as Cheftec) to maintain proper cost and pricing of items to ensure margin performance meets expectations.


A. Achieves budgeted sales for all Central Kitchen sub departments including but not limited to Prepared Foods, Bakery and Catering.

B. Achieves budgeted margins for all Central Kitchen sub departments.

C. Achieves budgeted Labor expense.

D. Keeps supplies within budgeted costs.

E. Participates in setting sales and margin goals for the department.

F. If budgets are not achieved, the Central Kitchen Manager must make an appropriate corrective action to achieve these budgets.


A. Interview applicants and make recommendations to Operations Manager.

B. Ensure that s regular staff schedule is maintained and posted prominently for all CK staff to review.

C. Set and schedule cooking/food prep priorities for staff and member workers on a daily basis.

D. Select, train, and supervise CK and Event staff in preparing and presenting Prepared Food offerings to provide a pleasing appearance, variety and consistency.

E. Ensure that GreenStar offers a variety of cheese cut to order and pre-cut, in fully stocked, attractive, accurately signed displays.

F. Research and develop new recipes with an emphasis on seasonal and Local ingredients.

G. Ensure accurate, up-to-date financial records including actual costs of ingredients.

H. Ensure that a system of transferring Central Kitchen products to our retail stores in maintained accurately and consistently.

I. Ensure that good communication is maintained with retail stores to support their mutual goals.

J. At least one staff member and Central Kitchen Mgr is SERVSAFE certified

K. Take disciplinary action with staff as needed following established policies

L. Ensure an adequate substitute pool is maintained for the department


A. Ensure shelves and product is ordered, available when needed and rotated to ensure freshness.

B. Ensure the product storage areas are clean and well organized.

C. Ensure ingredients sourced reflect seasonal offerings.

D. The CK Manager is aware of product trends and fulfills customer requests within reason.

E. Ensure that all products are accurately labeled for description, ingredients, and price including accurate sales signage at the point of retail.

F. Pariticpates fully in all relevant promotional vehicles (BASICS program, Coop Deals, In Store sales etc.)

G. Ensures products meet product guideline requirements as per Policy B.10.

H. Conduct periodic comparisons with competitors.


A. Coordinate storage of items on and off store site.

B. Ensure that food prep and storage areas are clean, orderly condition, meeting health department standards.

C. Ensure proper storage and labeling of products.

D. Ensures handling of hazardous equipment carefully. Develop procedures and trainings for staff to ensure their safety and safety of others

E. Prepare for and ensure accuracy of inventory counts.

F. Ensure maintenance of Central Kitchen equipment. Ensure along with the Facilities department that equipment is kept in clean/working order. Advise Operations Manager/Facilities Manager of equipment problems or needs.


A. Follow GreenStar safety rules

B. Assist other employees in safety needs,

C. Report unsafe equipment and conditions,

D. Assist with safety training needs,

E. Participate in safety training programs, assist with accident investigation,

F. Perform other tasks as assigned to ensure a safe and healthy work environment.


- At least 2-years experience in leading a commercial production kitchen

- 2-years Supervisory experience

- At least 2-years of purchasing in a natural foods store

- Familiarity with wordprocessing and spreadsheet programs.

- Knowledge of trends in natural foods industry

- Communication skills -- good listener, give clear instructions

- Demonstrated ability to follow through on commitments

- Demonstrated ability to handle multiple demands and stay calm

- Ability to lift 50 pounds



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