Central Kitchen Rolls Out New Products

By Kristie Snyder,
GreenLeaf Editor

gillianThe first thing you notice when you walk into GreenStar's new central kitchen and bakery facility is its size. The place is cavernous. The second thing you notice — it smells amazing. It seems odd that barbecue sauce and baked goods could combine into one tantalizing aroma, but that's exactly what was happening the day I visited. (If I had to list the third thing, it would be the floor. It's a delightful shade of bright blue.)

The new facility, designed by GreenStar's architect Pam Wooster with input from Deli and Bakery staff, is about 2760 square feet. Prepared Foods Manager Erik Lucas gave me a tour, showing off the new walk-in cooler and freezer, a loading area, sushi station, dishroom (itself about the size of the old Deli space), and the expansive kitchen and bakery area, loaded with gleaming stainless steel appliances (over 60 pieces of new equipment were installed), and humming with busy staff members cooking up old favorites and new recipes.

"It's certainly like nothing GreenStar has ever seen," said General Manager Brandon Kane. "It's gorgeous, efficient, and state-of-the-art. Outside of the colleges, I'm unaware of a production kitchen on this scale in this town."

That increased scale will allow GreenStar to do several things. The Co-op's catering program will be greatly expanded. New Deli and Bakery products are already in both stores, and will continue to appear. If a third store location is added in years to come, "that would just be added to the delivery route, as we've consolidated all of our production into one hub," Brandon said. The possibility of wholesaling GreenStar-made food to other area retailers is also being explored.

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The Delicatessen @ GreenStar-Tradition 
with a Twist


By Kristie Snyder,

GreenLeaf Editor

deli peeps_300GreenStar's deli is far from traditional, but with a new focus on local, fresh and handmade interpretations of classic dishes from around the globe, the Delicatessen @ GreenStar joins a long line of eateries that feel like home to their patrons.

The American deli was born out of the simple longing of a people for their comfort food. As Eastern European Jewish immigrants settled in the cities of the Northeast in the late 1800s, they brought with them their homemade recipes and created an institution — the deli. Some of these ancestral delis, such as the famous Katz's, which opened on the Lower East Side of New York City in 1888, are still here today, and the idea of "the deli" has thoroughly permeated American cuisine.

The GreenStar deli's new menu does include some of those traditional Jewish deli foods — knishes, corned beef – while encompassing simple, seasonal and handmade food from many traditions. Whatever culinary background you hail from, whatever the cuisine you crave, whether you're a hardcore vegan or dedicated carnivore, you'll find something to love in GreenStar's deli.

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with a Twist

The 'Good Stuff,' from Kitchen to Co-op

By Luka Starmer,
GreenLeaf Intern

good_stuff_300Tucked away behind the roadside foliage in Newfield, NY, there is a lot of “good stuff” going on. Good Stuff by Mom & Me, that is.

To be exact, GreenStar’s fast-selling raw foods supplier is actually run by two down-to-earth mothers, Tanya Petrich and Claire Lunny, who have been in business since October of last year. However, when you meet them, you’d think they have been a dynamic duo for years. They joke and giggle and compliment each other as they cut brownies or prep sprouted cashews. Their workspace is as inviting as their personalities — the soft lighting, wood floors and granite countertops make you feel like you’re at home.

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New in the Deli

Bulk Mediterranean Bar is Back

Erik Lucas,
Delicatessen Manager

olivesIt's not quite picnic season, but we're a great stop for an easy meal on the go. New Piggery offerings are here, too.

Spring has finally sprung, and we're all making the most of it! To further promote the season, come in and enjoy some of our vibrant service-case offerings. As you enter our nook of the store, take note of our house-made grab-and-go sandwiches and fresh-packed salads. Are you a fan of the Mediterranean bar? You'll be pleased to find we've taken your feedback and resumed the use of bulk crocks for a few items we were packaging. Don't miss the cheese case at the back of the store — it's full of delicious offerings made with milk from cows, sheep, and/or goats, with some vegan alternatives included. As featured in last month's GreenLeaf, the Piggery is back! We have four different deli cuts from local Interbrook farms. Keep watching for more varieties to come as they ramp up production. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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