Support Your Co-op and Your Neighbors: Buy Local

cpobeansweb.jpgBy Kristie Snyder,

GreenLeaf Editor

As you plan to prepare your Thanksgiving feast, think about keeping it local. With GreenStar’s ever-growing local product line, it’s possible to serve a dinner made of mostly local ingredients—the freshest around—and by buying them you support your Co-op, your neighbors and your local economy. In fact, GreenStar is so committed to putting local products on the shelves that you could meet a good portion of your regular grocery needs with local products year-round.

General Manager Bini Reilly estimates that at least five percent of the store’s product line is local, which means around 1,500 local products. (Plans are underway to track exact numbers of local products, along with other categories such as gluten-free, kosher, etc.)

 “It’s a mission of GreenStar to support local vendors as much as possible, to seek out and even to develop products and sources,” she said. “We actually meet with farmers and encourage them to grow things we have a market for.”

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As Food Prices Rise, Consumers Choose Organic

Compiled and reported by Joe Romano,
Marketing Manager

Clarrise Douard, of Food Navigator USA, says “the organic market trend is here to stay, despite rising food prices. In fact, issues surrounding these price hikes—the globalization of food and environmental factors—may actually bolster this market.”

After a relatively stable period in food costs between 1995 and 2004, prices rose dramatically over the last three years, according to the International Monetary Fund. Corn, milk, bread, and other farm products hit record high prices in 2006—and will likely keep rising in 2008.  In an article entitled, “Why the Era of Cheap Food is Over” (Dec. 31, 2007), the Christian Science Monitor stated that two major trends have been pushing prices up faster than they have risen for more than 30 years. One is that increasingly prosperous consumers in India and China are not only eating more food but eating more meat. Animals have to be fed (grains, usually) before they are butchered. The other is that more and more crops—from corn to palm nuts—are being used to make biofuels instead of feeding people.

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Raw Deal: Lodi Dairy Farmers Fight State for Control of Raw Milk

By Tina Wright

In Lodi, NY Steve and Barbara Smith and their family milk five to ten cows, mostly Jerseys and Jersey-crosses with a little Holstein-Dutch Belted mixed into the blood-line. They bottle their raw (unpasteurized) milk or make it into yogurt, kefir, buttermilk, butter and cream. Then they get the milk products into the hands of the herd’s owners, 110 local people who form a limited liability corporation, Meadowsweet LLC.

In March 2007, after months of an increasingly hostile regulatory approach from New York State’s Department of Agriculture and Markets, the Smiths formed the partnership to make every raw milk “customer” instead a part-owner of the cow herd. A trend all over the country similar to Community Supported Agriculture, buying cow shares enables people to enjoy raw milk and raw milk products since owners can drink their own raw milk, with relatively little government interference. However, in Meadowsweet’s case, a protracted legal battle with the state has ensued.

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New in Grocery

The Turkeys (and Field Roasts) Are Coming

Adam Morris,
Grocery Manager

field-roast-300Whether vegan or omnivore, you'll find everything you need for a terrific Thanksgiving feast right here at GreenStar.

Thanksgiving time has rolled around again, and we've got you covered again with all the good products you've come to know and love for your holiday feasting. For meat eaters, we offer organic, natural, local, frozen, and fresh turkeys. For vegans, options abound: check out Tofurky, Field Roast, and a number of Gardein vegan main courses. Scout around our aisles to locate whatever you may need: pumpkin, squash, baking products, stuffing, pie shells, gravies, sweeteners, sparkling beverages, vegan nogs and spiced drinks, and organic cranberry sauce. Looking toward December, we're rolling out the sweets and goodies a bit early this year. Be sure to check out the Alter Eco organic assorted truffle boxes! These Fair Trade goodies, a Co-op exclusive, provide a delicious way to satisfy your ethics and sweet tooth all at once.



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