Cast Your Vote in the Spring Council Elections!

By Alexis Alexander,

Membership Manager

2014-voteAfter the long, harsh winter, April has finally arrived, which means GreenStar's spring voting ritual is upon us. Traditionally, GreenStar holds its annual Council elections every April. The elections provide member-owners



Spring Is Sweet at Finger Lakes Maple Products

Wednesday, 01 April 2015 21:53

By Julian Montijo

maple3-smTraditions of generational farming live on at the home of Finger Lakes Maple Products, where Owen Raymond makes 250 to 400 gallons of maple syrup by hand each year. Owen and his wife, Donna, who does the bookkeeping for the small-scale business, have been fine-tuning their process of maple syrup production since 1999. They do everything from tapping the trees to boiling and bottling the sap, all of which is done at their home in Ellis Hollow just outside of Ithaca.

Owen is no rookie when it comes to the production of maple syrup. With family roots in Quebec, where 80 percent of the world's syrup is produced, he has a solid history in the trade. As he was growing up, his grandfather made maple syrup, as did his parents. When starting his own business, Owen remembered doing a lot of rewarding work for his father's maple syrup production, and wanted to continue the practice. Owen is now part of the fourth generation of maple farmers in his family, using many of his father's former tools and equipment.

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GreenStar Lowers Prices

Wednesday, 01 April 2015 22:12

By Joe Romano,

Marketing Manager

Grocery-BillBargain: Anything a customer thinks a store is losing money on.

— Kin Hubbard

Life is a gift. The food we need to maintain it, however, is not. In fact, food is costly. Food is so valuable that around ten thousand years ago sacks of grain were used as currency, and food was used as money to purchase other things.

GreenStar itself was founded upon sacks of grain. The Ithaca Real Food Co-op, which evolved into the GreenStar we know today, was little more than a room filled with these grain sacks. In fact, people called it "the grainstore," a name that eventually evolved into "GreenStar." That was over forty years ago.

In all that time, GreenStar has been known for its prices, and not in a good way. We have spent a lot of time and energy talking about how nutritionally dense our food is, how much more nutrition is provided to our families for each dollar spent. We heard back that people had only so much money with which to feed their families and that the bottom line was that we needed to lower our prices.

We also spent a lot of time talking about the hidden costs of food. We told anyone who would listen that there were hidden costs involved in the selling of good food. If one were to ensure that farmers were paid properly, that farm workers were paid properly, that store employees were properly compensated, that care went into the growing, packaging, and delivery of the food, and that the Earth and its inhabitants were not being harmed, well, those facts would be reflected in the price.

We do have great practices here at GreenStar, We are a green business. We are members of the New York Sustainable Business Council. We are members of the National Cooperative Grocers. We practice open-book management. We are founding members of Local First Ithaca. We are Food Justice Certified. We have brought in groups like How Good and the Non-GMO Project to help us maintain the highest standards. We have the best practices regarding our local farmers and producers, offering them advantageous pricing when we buy from them and then again when we price their products for our customers in our stores. But we still heard that people wanted lower prices.

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