What is Membership?

Since the beginning, GreenStar's mission focused on making nutritious, whole food available to its members. But membership means more than just access to good, healthy food...

When you join the Co-op you become a Member-Owner of a locally-owned and cooperatively operated values-based business. We focus on the social and environmental impact GreenStar makes on our local and global community, as well as economic performance. We put our values first, and return all profits back to the Co-op or donate them to the community.

The co-operative business model has proven to be a strong alternative to traditional profit-driven businesses. And, for every dollar you spend in a locally-owned business or cooperative, 45 cents is return to the community, compared to only 13 cents when you spend a dollar at a chain store.

One Member – One Vote means your voice truly counts!

Like all consumer co-ops, GreenStar is owned and democratically run by the people who use the store. Unlike traditional corporations where the amount of a stockholder's investment determines his or her voting power, every member at GreenStar has equal voting rights. As a Member-Owner, you have an equal say in the future direction of GreenStar.

By investing and participating in your co-op, you're putting your values into action.

Through your Equity Share investment and patronage, GreenStar supports the health and well-being of our member-owners, our community and the planet by:

  • Purchasing from local farmers and businesses
  • Paying a livable wage
  • Using clean energy and recycled office supplies
  • Supporting organic agriculture and fair trade producers
  • Offering health insurance to employees
  • Donating to local charities and events
  • Providing education on nutrition, health and sustainability
  • Improving access to healthy food to those on limited budgets through the FLOWER program



9,000+ Member-Owners and Going Strong!

Friday, 28 February 2014 15:58

By Alexis Alexander,

Membership Manager

ExpansionThis week our General Manager, Brandon Kane, and I submitted the annual Membership report to Council. What fabulous news we had to share! Our growing membership is a strong sign that our cooperative values and corresponding emphasis on a triple bottom line — people and planet, as well as profit — resonate with an increasing number of individuals in our community. The report also reveals that our effort to increase healthy food access to lower-income individuals and families is meeting with success.

In 2013, we issued 1,758 new memberships. While this number was down slightly from 2012, we were expecting a decline due to a renewal policy implemented last June. The new policy allows those with expired memberships to simply reactivate their membership with a single renewal payment rather than forfeiting their old membership and starting a new one. Many people did just that.

August, with the large influx of students returning to town, continues to be the month with the highest number of new memberships — 241 in 2013. This figure reflects the outreach efforts GreenStar has undertaken at the area colleges, in addition to the growing involvement of younger people in economic and environmental sustainability initiatives.

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Switch to Email, Plant a Tree, Change Lives!

Monday, 03 February 2014 00:13

By Alexis Alexander, 
Membership Manager

twitter-round-logoIn February, GreenStar member-owners who haven't yet signed up to have required member-owner mailings sent to them via email will have an exciting opportunity to do so. Are you wondering how this could be exciting? For every member-owner who switches to email, GreenStar will make a donation to Trees for the Future; thus, a tree will be planted on behalf of our membership for each new person who makes the switch. Our goal is to have 1,000 member-owners switch to email, which would represent 1,000 new trees being planted!

To sign up for getting the required member-owner mailing by email, you can fill out a contact information form available at the Member Centers at either store.

Trees for the Future (TREES) plants trees with rural communities in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, helping them to restore their environment, grow more food, and build a sustainable future. Our goal of 1,000 trees would contribute to rebuilding forests for replenishing critical groundwater supplies to provide for future generations. TREES has helped revitalize lands degraded by illegal logging and unsustainable land management systems by providing farmers with tree seed, technical training, and on-site planning assistance. Since the eighties, TREES has assisted thousands of communities in 19 countries in planting millions of trees. To learn more about Trees for the Future, check out their website: www.treesforthefuture.org.

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Super-Worker Volunteer Opportunities Abound — Become Involved Today!

Sunday, 05 January 2014 11:10

By Alexis Alexander, 

Membership Manager

superworkerIf you've been thinking about volunteering in the store on a weekly basis at GreenStar, you couldn't pick a better time! With a growing interest in cooperatives and our business going strong, our department managers have responded by creating more shifts, enabling more member-owners to participate in the everyday workings of the Co-op. Therefore, we currently have a wide variety of in-store super-worker opportunities.

Why volunteer?

Volunteering is an important co-op tradition that provides member-owners the opportunity to become actively involved in supporting the mission of the co-op. It's a great way for us, as member-owners, to connect with one another while supporting the business that we mutually help govern and own. Volunteering also yields a great member-owner benefit, since volunteers receive a higher discount at the register in return for their participation in the store.

What's the commitment?

We ask for a four-month commitment for super-worker shifts. Super-workers are assigned to a two-hour weekly shift in a specific department. The day and time is the same each week. Super-workers receive a 17½ percent discount, good for one week, for every two-hour shift worked.

How to volunteer?

All available super-worker shifts are posted at the Member Center in both the West-End and Oasis locations. To request a super-worker shift, simply choose one or two shifts on the board that work for you and fill out a "Member Labor Request Form." You'll receive a call from either Oasis or the West-End store, depending on which shift you sign up for. We fill super-worker shifts on a first-come first-served basis, so it's a good idea to request two shifts since there may be other people in line before you for a given shift.

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