Your Year Round Farmers Market

We Know Good Farmers. We go out personally to the local farms that support our community to choose the foods that will become your next delicious meal.

We Know Good Food. Our staff knows all the things you need to know about who grows your veggies and how they do it. If you are new to any fruit or vegetable on our shelves, just ask us how to prepare it. We are happy to help anyone make a new herbaceous friend, so don’t be afraid to ask, we’ll make all the introductions.

We Know Organic…We Helped Create It. Our Produce Department respects organic standards because we helped to make them back in 1990, when most people didn’t even know what organic meant. In 2000, when the National Organic Program was established, your co-op was at the table on Capitol Hill, to ensure those standards were strong.

We Play Fair. We are the only Food Justice Certified produce department in America! For over 45 years, we have given our producers a fair price for their hard work and our customers great prices on our shelves, because GreenStar believes that no one wins unless everyone does. Visit us for fair, fresh, fun, planet-friendly food.

What’s Appeeling?

These Citrus Season Specialties Bring Sunshine to the Finger Lakes

Blood OrangeOrganic Blood Oranges

These juicy and fragrant winter fruits have a dark, ruby flesh, with a soft and easily removed peel.

Sweet and fruity with less less acid than their strictly orange relatives, they will only deliver their sunshine-y goodness for another month or so.

Organic Red Pummelo

The pummelo is a natural citrus fruit, with the appearance of a big grapefruit, native to South and Southeast Asia.

Also known as a shaddock,this largest of all citrus fruit is sweet in flavor and contains a juicy pink flesh.

Easy-to-peel, the pummelo handles like a grapefruit with a rind that ranges in color from yellow to pink

Buddha's HandOrganic Buddha’s Hand Citron

The Buddha’s Hand’s culinary virtues lie within its oily rind which is powerfully fragrant and aromatic and utilized for its zesting properties. Buddha’s Hand citron flavor is described as a unique blend of bitter and sweet, with lavender notes and a bright lemon highlight. Its health benefits include its ability to reduce pain, soothe gastrointestinal distress, boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, ease menstrual issues, lower blood pressure, and clear up respiratory illness.

TorrangeLemon Torange 

Originating in the Near East, It’s name in Farsi is Bollange’.

The flavor is somewhat like a lemon, but without any bitterness. Its fresh, clean taste is very different. If you (gently) rub the skin you will smell a sweet aroma that is part of the taste.

The rind of the fruit is made into a jam, somewhat like marmalade, but with a taste more like that of a sweet perfume.

kumkuatsOrganic Kumkuats 

Kumquats have a very distinctive taste. It is the only citrus fruit that can be eaten “skin and all.”

The peel is the sweetest part and can be eaten separately. The pulp contains the seeds and juice, which is sour. When eaten together, you get a sweet and sour taste which is unlike anything else.

The seeds also contain pectin, which can be removed by boiling for use in making jams and jellies.

SatsumasOrganic Satsuma Tangerines

A fragrant and juicy fruit with segmented flesh and nearly seedless, their red orange, leathery and oily skin clings so loosely to its flesh that it can be peeled with just a few deft yanks. Satsumas are perhaps the sweetest tangerine and the sweetest known citrus variety.

Palestine Sweet LimePalestine Sweet Lime

This lime from India looks like a lime, smells like a lime, but tastes exceptionally sweet.

Rather than having a high amount of sugar, the fruit contains less acid than ordinary limes, causing it to taste sweeter.

You can make sweet limeade, add some to ice water or use the juice to make sweet lime-flavored granita.

PapayaOrganic Papaya

Deliciously sweet with musky undertones and a soft, butter-like consistency, it is no wonder the papaya was reputably called the “fruit of the angels” by Christopher Columbus.

Their flesh is a rich orange color with either yellow or pink hues.

The fruit, as well as the other parts of the papaya tree, contain papain, an enzyme that helps digest proteins.

8a6218c0-ad58-4cef-b282-1b5e7e3d8282-Cara Cara OrangeCara Cara Oranges

Cara Cara oranges, are commonly referred to as “the pink navel”.

They look like a cross between a grapefruit and a blood orange.

Their taste is very sweet, and just a little spicy. You may even be reminded of  raspberries or strawberries.

Pink LemonsOrganic Pink Lemons

Pink lemons have a tart and tangy flavor, a rich lemon scent and very few or no seeds.

Their leaves are considered the most fragrant among lemon trees. Pink lemons become less acidic with age.

They are best suited for their juice and their zest, but don’t try making pink lemonade with them, it just wont be pink enough.