Your Year Round Farmers Market

We Know Good Farmers. We go out personally to the local farms that support our community to choose the foods that will become your next delicious meal.

We Know Good Food. Our staff knows all the things you need to know about who grows your veggies and how they do it. If you are new to any fruit or vegetable on our shelves, just ask us how to prepare it. We are happy to help anyone make a new herbaceous friend, so don’t be afraid to ask, we’ll make all the introductions.

We Know Organic…We Helped Create It. Our Produce Department respects organic standards because we helped to make them back in 1990, when most people didn’t even know what organic meant. In 2000, when the National Organic Program was established, your co-op was at the table on Capitol Hill, to ensure those standards were strong.

We Play Fair. We are the only Food Justice Certified produce department in America! For over 45 years, we have given our producers a fair price for their hard work and our customers great prices on our shelves, because GreenStar believes that no one wins unless everyone does. Visit us for fair, fresh, fun, planet-friendly food.

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