A rendering of our new location’s Deli counter

By Brandon Kane, GreenStar General Manager

Happy summer, fellow cooperative business owners!

Just twelve months ago, owners voted in overwhelming approval to purchase the premises of our future store by 2029. At that time, our new location was only a concept on paper. After months of design work and negotiations, we agreed on a budget with our developer, and construction of our new flagship store at 770 Cascadilla Street was quickly underway.

The former warehouse adjacent to our future home has been taken down. Both the new roof and interior framing of our future office and public spaces are nearly complete, and ductwork that will serve our gas-free heating system is soon to be installed. Windows and doors on our adaptively reused facility have been cut into a perimeter of the building’s exterior, and a new concrete floor has been poured.

We are just weeks away from closing on equipment loans that will relocate our existing commissary equipment to our new store while outfitting the retail floor with a new, high-efficiency refrigerated and frozen cases.
Our future retail store and parking lot combined is three times the size of our present West End location. This means you’ll experience easier access within the grocery store. We’re designing our product line and services to be inclusive, accessible, and high-quality. Improved features include a full-service espresso, tea, and smoothie bar, a fully-equipped teaching kitchen, and an expansive refrigerated section dedicated to plant-based foods.

We are on course with our timeline and anticipate our new store to open in March 2020.

Recently, our Owner Investment Campaign met the $1.5 million spring goal! Thank you to the many investors who have rallied behind this project. Our campaign will continue through 2019. The more owners invest, the less GreenStar will need to borrow from financial institutions, which means better rates and terms for necessary financing. This also means our owners will financially benefit — we prefer to pay dividends to our owners, rather than interest to lenders.

Please consider an investment to support your community-owned co-op. You can connect with Heidi and Laura, Capital Campaign Coordinators, at capital@greenstar.coop or 607-220-7887 to learn how you can contribute. Be sure to follow our Facebook page for progress updates.

We can hardly wait to deliver you the new GreenStar. Thank you so much for your support.