Welcome to the new store!

Our new flagship store at 770 Cascadilla St. is nearly ready to welcome you! As we put on the finishing touches, finalize product selection, and get everything ready for our opening date (to be announced), we’d like to give you a sneak peek into the new store.

The first thing you’ll notice is the spacious parking lot and the large pedestrian area outside the store entrance, which provides a gathering space and covered bike racks. As you pass through the store entrance, take a look at a map featuring our local suppliers, and then proceed to the main grocery area or into the produce, prepared foods, and cafe area. Our spacious new eating area seats 60, with outdoor space providing additional seasonal seating. Kids will love the new bright and inviting play area. Adjacent to the cafe, our new Space/Classroom will provide room for increased class offerings and special family-friendly events when we are permitted to resume social gatherings.

You can’t see most of them, but our green features are worth touting, among them the adaptive reuse of an existing building and the fact that we’ll be 100% solar-powered and gas-free — including heat!

Produce Department

Entering the store, you’ll head straight into our beautiful new Produce Department, which boasts a doubled product area with more of everything you love and a broader product selection, too.

Browsing among the attractive new produce islands, keep an eye out for fresher berries on the refrigerated berry island, and look for more mushroom varieties in pull-drawer bins! When available in season, you’ll find additional cultural-specific and traditional vegetable offerings such as taro root (yautia), aloe, and yuca. We’ll have abundant displays of local and seasonal produce, and local flowers in our new floral section. We’re excited about being able to offer more support to our local growers!

You’ll find your produce shopping experience easier and more enjoyable, too — the increase in the department’s size means more space between displays and easier access to all the fresh, delicious produce. As you shop, check out the banners featuring fabulous local farmers and producers — the folks who actually grow and make our products!

Prepared Foods

The new prepared foods area will offer something for every appetite at every time of day. Four times the size of our current West End Deli, it will offer a much wider array of prepared foods and meals than we have been able to offer in the past. Look for features including:

• An interactive station offering made-to-order meals, rotating through variations such as bowls, tacos, etc.
• Made-to-order and grab-and-go sandwiches
• Made-to-order and grab-and-go sushi
• An expanded hot bar, salad bar, and Mediterranean bar, packaged soups and soup-to-go, rotisserie chickens, and hot entrées and sides packed to go

Just past the prepared foods area, you’ll find a fresh meat counter featuring fresh meat products from the Piggery, a poultry counter, and a specialty cheese counter.

Espresso and Smoothie Bar

Coffee lovers, we can’t wait to welcome you to our full-service espresso bar! We’ve fired up our new La Marzocco GB5 espresso machine to bring you espresso drinks as well as blended mochas, lattes, and more — with decaf versions available, too! Our great selection of self-serve drop coffees will remain on offer as well, and we’ve got a variety of milk options, with abundant non-dairy choices.

You’re going to love the new smoothie menu — choose from a selection of base drinks with the option of a few add ins. Fresh-made bottled juices will be available as well, along with fresh wheatgrass juice.

Other great additions include kegged cold brew and nitro cold brew and two kombucha flavors on tap. We’ll have a small selection of pastries at the counter, too. Grab a cup of joe and a bite to eat and relax in our beautiful new dining area just to the side!

Grocery and Bulk

An expanded grocery section will feature two to three times as many refrigerated and freezer cases as in the current West End store, which means expanded lines of fresh meat and fish, more local frozen meat, and more plant-based foods. Look for an entire plant-based section, featuring non-dairy cheeses, milks, and protein choices.

Three times the current grocery shelf space means an expanded product selection, with additional budget-friendly options and many more foods geared toward Ithaca’s diverse cultural communities. You’ll find a vastly expanded selection of regional and international beers and ciders, too.

Of course, you’ll find more products from local suppliers throughout the department.

A bulk section featuring beautiful new bins will carry all of your bulk staple favorites, with culinary herbs now found in that section as well.

Health and Wellness

Our new Wellness section occupies a “store within a store,” with a distinctive look setting it apart from the rest and an increase in space to allow for new products. You’ll find our well-trained Wellness staff at a central desk, available to assist you with any questions about our products.

Additional retail space means more products from our local suppliers, more homeopathic remedies, including lactose-free single homeopathic remedies, a wider selection of herbal tinctures, and expanded supplement offerings. We’ll have more body care products available in eco-friendly packaging, and we’re working on an expanded section of bulk (fill your own) body care with a greater variety of shampoos and conditioners, lotions, and hand and body soaps. We’ll even have bulk toothpaste tablets — no more toothpaste tubes!

Those looking for medicinal herbs will love our expanded selection of bulk medicinal and supplemental herbs and powders, such as barley grass powder, hemp protein powders, and more.

*Please note that store operations and offerings as described may be affected by the ongoing changes related to the COVID-19 crisis.