GreenStar growing forward expansion

Wondering how we’ll back up our commitment to environmental sustainability as we grow forward into our new space? Here are some of the green features, both inside and out, that we’re excited about:

  • Adaptive reuse of existing building — saves tons of concrete and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reuse of demolished warehouse as parking lot substrate — saves mined stone and trucking
  • Consolidation of current buildings — putting everything under one roof reduces building surface area and saves heating and cooling energy
  • Landscape features — trees and plantings, storm water handling, and permeable surfaces in parking lot diminish impact on water quality from parked cars
  • Improved building insulation — reduces heating/cooling energy used
  • Improved window quality and insulation — reduces heating/cooling energy used
  • Energy-efficient lighting — reduces energy use and maintains “dark-sky” shielding from light pollution
  • Reuse of kitchen, office, and warehouse equipment — saves energy used to manufacture new equipment
  • Energy Star-rated refrigeration and freezing equipment — reduces energy use and environmental damage from refrigerants
  • Design for potential heat-recovery system —would reuse waste heat from refrigeration equipment and allow for more efficient heating (to be added as finances allow)
  • Solar energy —eliminates the bulk of our fossil fuel usage
  • One-stop-shopping for customers — reduces vehicle miles traveled

… and more! We’re designing, engineering, and estimating even more green and sustainable features. Stay tuned for additions to the list.