August Council Meeting Report

from Marilyn Chase, Council President

Council approved a proposal to accomplish some necessary reorganization of our Policy Book, which has served as a repository for GreenStar foundational documents and contained many items which were not policies or procedures. These records will either be archived or moved to the relevant appendices, resulting in a better-organized Policy Book, and easier accessibility to our policies and procedures.

Council also approved an amendment to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) requirements in Our Official Personnel Policy (OPP) to comply with recent changes in Federal and State EEOC. In addition, we approved amendments to Policy B.6 (Staff Treatment and Compensation) to set limitations for the General Manager, as specified in the OPP.

Council previously identified the need to increase transparency and improve communication with our fellow Co-op member-owners. To that end, Council approved a Council Communications Procedure and Log to document and review feedback.  This procedure will increase accountability and transparency by providing Council the ability to review communications from member-owners, and ensure those communications have been appropriately addressed.

Other actions at the August Council Meeting:

  • We approved amendments to the Council’s Budget Expenditure Procedure to clarify the process and reduce waste. 
  • We received the General Manager’s monthly report, linked here

For the second month in a row, member-owners who represent Zero Waste Ithaca attended the Council meeting. They shared their ideas and a sincere desire to work towards solutions, urging Council to implement more efforts at reducing waste at our stores. Brandon has responded to their concerns; his reply with their letter is linked here

GreenStar’s Newly Expanded Product Line  

Long time GreenStar member-owners and shoppers have likely already noticed the increased variety of products on our shelves: this is a direct realization of our goal to nurture our community and serve as a hub. In addition to a greater selection, our product line has also increased in affordability. As Brandon noted in his recent message to member-owners:

“With the guiding principle in mind that everyone eats, we are committed to broadening our product line to include affordable options within every possible category.” To further address concerns of food security within our community we recently expanded our FLOWER program, broadening eligibility to include those laid off from employment. Additionally, we expanded our Co+op Basics program and increased the number of items eligible for discounts.

A GreenStar core value is to provide wholesome, healthy, affordable and ethical food choices, as well as quality goods and services, to support a healthy lifestyle. Please join me in spreading the word about our expanded product line, and increased access to affordability! 

Next Council Meeting:

Tuesday, September 8 from 6:30-9:30 pm
Meeting will be held online — please email for instructions on how to attend.
Member-Owners are always welcome!

The meeting agenda is posted online here 6 days before the meeting: