GreenStar made a total donation of $8,695.00 distributed equally among three organizations for the Black Lives Matter movement: BLM Ithaca, BLM Syracuse, and BLM Greater New York. The donation represents 5% of our gross sales from June 17 – 19. By donating to multiple chapters, GreenStar may have an impact on local and regional levels for positive change. Thank you to those who shared their perspectives on how GreenStar can best show its support at this time and to those who shared in GreenStar’s commitment to give by shopping during the fundraising period.

GreenStar’s Council issued the following statement:

GreenStar Council recognizes that there is much work to be done towards becoming an anti-racist organization. We stand in solidarity with those protesting racial injustice, and we condemn the generations of police brutality, discrimination, and systemic racism experienced by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

We must also put action to those words. We acknowledge that we have work to do as individuals, and as a Board of Directors. Council will develop an action plan that will:

  • Seek feedback from Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in our community; listen, and learn how we can do better.
  • Recruit diverse voices from underrepresented communities for Council and Committee seats.
  • Create partnerships with local leaders who are already doing social justice and racial equity work.

We know that cooperatives can effect change. We are committed to making change within ourselves, and on our Council, to ensure our food co-op is a welcoming and safe space for everyone.