Bring Your Own Bag to Support the Learning Farm


Each quarter, GreenStar selects three local not-for-profits to be the recipients of our Bring Your Own Bag, Use It for Good program donations. Our BYOB program encourages shoppers to bring their own bags by providing them with a token worth 5¢ that they can donate to one of the chosen organizations. At the end of the quarter, we make a donation to the groups based on the number of tokens given by our customers. This quarter, our recipients are the Finger Lakes Toy Library, Sustainable Tompkins, and the Learning Farm.

The Learning Farm provides sustainable agriculture education and healthy, organic products to the people. They mean to affect a lifestyle change on individual, family, community, and global scales with regard to unplugging from damaging, unsustainable ways of life and diving into long-term wellness and sound energy and food practices. The Learning Farm is creating a completely integrated agrarian culture that gives everyone access and exposure to sustainable opportunities to create and share food.

Your donations support free avenues forchildren and families experiencing financial challenges to access healthy food, physical exercise in nature and high quality educational enrichment. Scholarships for children in the STEAM in Nature Program allow students to learn science, technology, engineering, art, agriculture, and math in a natural, biologically diverse environment. The Learning Farm also provides free organic plant starts to children to grow their own fruits and vegetables with their families in home yards and windows through the Start Planting and Rejuvenating in Green (SPRIG) Program. Join the Learning Farm in honoring and enriching humanity and the beautiful nature we all share.

GreenStar is pleased to be a part of supporting the Finger Lakes Toy Library and their mission here in Tompkins County!

Are you involved with a not-for-profit organization that might benefit from our Bring Your Own Bag, Use It for Good program? Apply here.

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