Bring Your Own Bag, Use it for Good

Thank you for your interest in our Bring Your Own Bag, Use it for Good Program. Each quarter we select three non-profits that represent the categories of people, planet, and animals. Please read our guidelines to ensure that your group complies and then fill out this application to help us better understand how your group contributes to our community. Due to the amount of requests we receive, we cannot commit to every cause.

About Our Program:

This program is designed to encourage shoppers to reuse bags by providing them with wooden tokens worth 5 cents to donate to a non-profit for each bag they reuse when they shop at GreenStar. At the end of each quarter we total the tokens and make a donation to each non-profit. Our goals with this program are to increase the use of reusable bags and to develop relationships with local organizations whose mission is in line with our own.


These are the criteria for eligibility:

  • Organization must operate as a not-for-profit
  • The organization must either be:
    • a) one that serves people generally recognized as less privileged by virtue of discrimination (race,class, ability, sexual orientation)
    • b) one whose primary objective matches one of GreenStar’s goals:
      • working on concerns directly affecting the Ithaca community
      • creation of democratically operated cooperative institutions
      • promotion of nutritious foods, diets, and activities
      • local production of foods and other goods
      • ecological responsibility

In Exchange:

We ask the groups who are part of this program to table in the store to share their mission with our shoppers during the time period that we are collecting donations for your group. We also encourage you to drum up support for yourself through social media and other avenues to increase the wooden tokens in your group’s bin.

Where to file:

Completed applications can be dropped off at the Customer Service Desk of our West-End store, mailed (700 W. Buffalo Street, Ithaca, NY 14850), or emailed to
Any questions regarding the status of your request can be directed to:
Alexis Self, Marketing Dept. (607)-277-0020 ext. 501 ,

BYOB Application form

  • Please answer the following questions, use a separate sheet if needed.