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During January, we’ll have great sale prices on a slew of seasonal citrus, and GreenStar’s Produce Department will donate 5% of profits from all citrus sales to the National Center for Farmworker Health. This not-for-profit, established in 1975, is dedicated to improving the health status of farmworker families by providing information services, training and technical assistance, and a variety of products to community and migrant health centers nationwide, as well as organizations, universities, researchers, and individuals involved in farmworker health. NCFH has a long history in support of improving access to health care to the farmworker population and is poised to assist organizations with a highly experienced multidisciplinary team of migrant health professionals.

Think citrus begins and ends with navel oranges, grapefruits, and lemons? We’ll have all those (organic, too!), along with cara caras, blood oranges, pummelos, limes, and more. Cara cara navels (pictured) are sweeter and less acidic than standard navel oranges, with lovely pinkish-red flesh. Pummelos — the largest citrus fruit ­­— are sweet and tart but without the bitterness of grapefruit. Enjoy the segments out of hand or add to salads, or simply enjoy as you would a grapefruit — cut in half and scoop with a spoon.

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