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What is Bring Your Own Bag, Use it For Good?

Bring Your Own Bag, Use it for Good encourages reuse and waste reduction while supporting non-profit organizations whose mission aligns with ours.

Local non-profits apply to be part of the program, and each quarter three groups are selected that represent the categories of community/people, environment/planet, and animals. At checkout, you’ll be given a token worth 5 cents for each shopping bag you reuse to donate to the non-profit of your choice at the token collection station. At the end of the quarter, a donation is made to the organizations proportionate to the amount of tokens they received from our shoppers.

A kitten from Browncoat Cat Rescue, one of our Bring Your Own Bag recipients.

How Do Groups Become a Bring Your Own Bag, Use it for Good recipient?

Fill out our Bring Your Own Bag, Use if for Good application. You can be taken directly to the form by clicking here.

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