GSCP - GreenStar Community Projects

GreenStar Community Projects (GSCP) runs the Esty Street Garden to provide hands-on food education to youth in downtown Ithaca. Esty Street Garden is wheelchair-accessible and set up to improve food access through hands-on gardening and cooking! Empowerment is peer supported, sometimes guided by teens who know about hunger. This is GSCP’s second youth gardening season using the Seed-to-Supper curriculum, in which youth learn to garden and cook, and share recipes, food stories, and outdoor work in all kinds of weather.

We need volunteers to support the Youth Garden Team Leader with gardening tasks or youth support. Volunteers can use this time for super-worker credit if they are (or become) GreenStar owners. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Holly Payne at

For more information on GSCP and their efforts to support a community food system that nourishes everyone, visit the website or follow them on Instagram.