September Council News


from Marilyn Chase, Council President Remembering Kirby Edmonds GreenStar Council both mourns the loss and celebrates the life of Kirby Edmonds. In his honor, Council will approve a proposal to donate $1000 to The Center for Transformative Action via the Dorothy Cotton Institute at its October 13th meeting. September Council Meeting Highlights Council approved amendments to two B policies:  B.1 Financial Condition and Activities, and  B.2 Business Planning and Financial Budgeting to clarify General Manager limitations, and eliminate redundancies.  We also amended policy C.8 Council Investment and Stipends, eliminating the detailed requirements each Council member must meet to be eligible to receive a quarterly stipend. We recognized that these criteria were an incomplete expression of Council members’ responsibilities and [...]

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Fall 2020 Bylaws Vote Information


GreenStar’s Council has decided it will not hold an in-person Member-Owner meeting this fall due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Voting will take place November 1 - 21. GreenStar will provide online access to the information traditionally presented at the fall member meeting, including proposed bylaws amendments and reports from Council Officers and the General Manager, during the voting period. We encourage our Members to participate in this voting process by voting online. If you receive emails from GreenStar, either our weekly email newsletter or required emails only, you are already registered to vote online. Look for an email from us during the last week of October to help ensure you receive your unique ballot login and passcode from on [...]

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August Council News


August Council Meeting Report from Marilyn Chase, Council President Council approved a proposal to accomplish some necessary reorganization of our Policy Book, which has served as a repository for GreenStar foundational documents and contained many items which were not policies or procedures. These records will either be archived or moved to the relevant appendices, resulting in a better-organized Policy Book, and easier accessibility to our policies and procedures. Council also approved an amendment to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) requirements in Our Official Personnel Policy (OPP) to comply with recent changes in Federal and State EEOC. In addition, we approved amendments to Policy B.6 (Staff Treatment and Compensation) to set limitations for the General Manager, as specified in [...]

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Co+op Basics Expanded and Now Discount Eligible


Message from General Manager: Co+op Basics Expanded and Now Discount Eligible! Dear GreenStar Community, Values have been woven into GreenStar’s product line since our inception in the early 1970s. Qualities such as natural, organic, local, fair, accessible, and affordable can be found throughout our bylaws, policies, and Certificate of Incorporation. It is our responsibility as Co-op operators to translate these values to reality through the daily operation of our stores. It is a rewarding and sometimes difficult job to accomplish, particularly because the added values of our product line often lead to higher prices on our shelves. Far too many members of our community have avoided supporting our Co-op simply because they cannot afford to do so. This has [...]

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July Council News


July Council Meeting Report from Marilyn Chase, Council President Council accepted the 2020 first quarter B.1 Financial report as in compliance except two sub policies. These metrics are contingent upon sales and cash flow, both which are directly affected by the additional stressors and conditions brought about by the pandemic. As we continue to recover from the losses incurred during the early stage of the public health crisis, we expect to come into compliance with these sub-policies within the next 18 months. Council appointed Brian Lynch to an open seat on the Personnel Committee as a member-at-large. Brian was appointed to GreenStar Council last fall and was an engaged and productive Council member. We are very happy he is [...]

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GreenStar Donates $8,700 to Support Black Lives Matter Movement


GreenStar made a total donation of $8,695.00 distributed equally among three organizations for the Black Lives Matter movement: BLM Ithaca, BLM Syracuse, and BLM Greater New York. The donation represents 5% of our gross sales from June 17 – 19. By donating to multiple chapters, GreenStar may have an impact on local and regional levels for positive change. Thank you to those who shared their perspectives on how GreenStar can best show its support at this time and to those who shared in GreenStar’s commitment to give by shopping during the fundraising period. GreenStar's Council issued the following statement: GreenStar Council recognizes that there is much work to be done towards becoming an anti-racist organization. We stand in solidarity [...]

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FLOWER Program Expanding Qualifiers


GreenStar Food Co-op Extends 13% Discount, Affordable Access for Those with Financial Needs Discount Extended to Those who are Facing Unemployment GreenStar Food Co+op is expanding the eligibility criteria for our FLOWER food access discount program to include people who are receiving unemployment benefits or who have recently been laid off from employment. The qualifier is a temporary addition, allowing community members to sign-up from June 22 through the end of November 2020 for a one-year 13% discount and a free one-year membership for new co-op members. Those who are currently receiving assistance from one of the following programs are also eligible: SNAP (Food Stamps) Unemployment Medicaid WIC SSI Free School Lunch Program TANF – Cash Assistance Healthy Food [...]

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June Council News


June Council Meeting Report from Marilyn Chase, Council President June was the first meeting of the new Council year and we had many tasks to complete, including certifying the results of the spring member vote, electing new officers, and reassigning at-large members to Council committees.   We approved amendments to Council Procedure to clarify licensure requirements of council members and guarantee a state of readiness for any license needed. The draft 2019 Annual Audit was approved, and the final audit is now being prepared.  In addition, Council members discussed two important issues.  GreenStar Council Supports Black Lives Matter   We stand in solidarity with those protesting racial injustice, and we condemn the generations of police brutality, discrimination, and systemic racism experienced [...]

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas from the Co-op


Father's Day is Sunday, June 21 Need a gift for Dad? Look no further than your Co-op! To help you make your selection, we asked the Dads who work at GreenStar to share what they'd like for Father's Day, and here are their suggestions: This bib-style apron is durable, 100% cotton, has two pockets, and extra long ties. Beyond Meat's Beyond Sausage offers plant-based sausage stuffed with delicious flavor and satisfying sizzle. And don't forget the charcoal! Need some recipe inspiration? Try this Charred Asparagus with Tarragon Aioli recipe from Co+op Welcome to the Table. Wondering how to cook a steak for Dad? Check out this How to Cook Great [...]

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Community Resources


GreenStar stands in solidarity with Black communities in Ithaca, surrounding cities, and all across the country calling for justice for the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and too many others. We know that these traumatic incidents are not isolated occurrences and cannot be simply blamed on the actions of a few. We must not tolerate a culture where such horrific acts are possible. We must all take action to dismantle systemic racism and create a more inclusive and equitable culture that welcomes, values, and empowers all people. If we are to effectively model our values as a cooperative, we are required to take action and speak up. Black lives matter.  Join us in our efforts to [...]

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