Food Justice for our LGBTQ+ Communities


By RJ Isley, GreenStar Community Projects Board Member and GreenStar Co-op Employee For many LGBTQ+ folx, June represents Pride Month. To some, it’s a celebration of being out and proud, an opportunity to let your authentic self truly fly. For others, it’s a staunch reminder of the adversity many have always faced, particularly Trans People of Color — the originators of modern Pride in our society. I find it to be a little bit of both parts. But what does Pride have to do with GSCP, and why should I stick my Queer Politics into an organization mobilized towards greater food access? A report released by UCLA Law School found that 29% of LGBTQ+ adults “experienced a time in the [...]

Food Justice for our LGBTQ+ Communities2019-06-20T10:09:40-04:00

Co-op Principle #4: Autonomy and Independence


By Alexis Alexander, GreenStar Membership Manager When I think about the Seven Cooperative Principles, there’s one that I tend to forget: Principle #4, Autonomy and Independence. Maybe that’s because it’s so fundamental to the notion of cooperatives. Then again, it’s also the one I struggle to explain. So, this month, I’m taking up the challenge to share what I know about this important, yet somewhat elusive principle. The International Cooperative Alliance defines Autonomy and Independence as follows: “Cooperatives are autonomous, self-help organizations controlled by their members. If they enter into agreements with other organizations, including governments, or raise capital from external sources, they do so on terms that ensure democratic control by their members and maintain their cooperative autonomy.” At [...]

Co-op Principle #4: Autonomy and Independence2019-06-20T09:59:03-04:00

Our Capital Campaign Is the Key to Our Success


By Brandon Kane, General Manager By now, if we’ve done our job well, you should be (practically) sick of hearing about our Capital Campaign and the key role it plays in our expansion and relocation project. If we’ve somehow failed to reach you yet, here’s the elevator speech: We need to raise $1.5 million from member-owner investments by June 14. The additional $2.5 million in loans already secured is dependent on our achieving this investment goal. As of late May, we’ve collected about $755,000, with an additional $200,000 committed but not yet collected. I’m confident we'll achieve our spring goal because our wonderfully diverse community deeply supports its co-op and knows that we deliver on our commitments. I’m currently drafting [...]

Our Capital Campaign Is the Key to Our Success2019-05-29T11:17:51-04:00

Empowerment at Esty Street Garden


By Alana Pagano, GreenStar Community Projects Communications Coordinator When you think of summer in Tompkins County, it’s easy to think of abundance. It’s peak growing season and, in an agriculturally dense region like Tompkins County, it feels like food is growing everywhere. Ironically, it’s summer that can be the most difficult for families facing food insecurity. Food is growing all around, but the critical missing piece is school food — the lack of which results in hunger for at least one-fifth of our children. GreenStar Community Projects (GSCP) — our co-op’s non-profit affiliate — responds to this by coordinating youth programs and food distribution when school is out. The center of this work is Esty Street Garden, GSCP’s wheelchair-accessible [...]

Empowerment at Esty Street Garden2019-06-20T10:10:53-04:00

Co-op Owners: Help us Reach our Spring Goal and Secure an Ithaca Urban Renewal Agency Loan!


The Ithaca Urban Renewal Agency has committed to offering GreenStar a $400,000 low-interest loan toward our expansion and relocation project ... if GreenStar owners show their support by helping us reach our goal of $1.5 million by June. During this Spring Campaign, we have now surpassed $660,000! We need our owners to rally around this project and continue to invest in our cooperative growth by investing in our expansion. Supporting your community-owned co-op is a truly local, socially responsible investment that ensures GreenStar will deliver on the triple bottom line of People, Planet, and Profit. GreenStar owners currently residing in New York State can learn more about making an investment by contacting Heidi Adami and Laura Buttenbaum at [...]

Co-op Owners: Help us Reach our Spring Goal and Secure an Ithaca Urban Renewal Agency Loan!2019-05-18T09:04:01-04:00

Celebrate World Fair Trade Day on May 11


World Fair Trade Day is a globally celebrated holiday. On Saturday, May 11, around the world, there will be events and discussions showcasing the work of small-scale producers and artisans who are at the heart of the Fair Trade movement and the contributions they make to healthy and sustainable communities. Fair Trade is trade built on trust and respect, spanning geographic and cultural boundaries. GreenStar is committed to offering Fair Trade products from companies such as African Market Baskets, Equal Exchange, Alaffia, Alter Eco, Choice Tea, Dr. Bronner's, Eco Teas, Guayaki Yerba Mate, Theo Chocolates, and Maggie's Organics. These Fair Trade-certified businesses help facilitate change in the communities they work with. Your patronage of these companies supports initiatives ranging [...]

Celebrate World Fair Trade Day on May 112019-05-08T11:27:13-04:00

GreenStar Board President Honored with Neighboring Cooperator Award


Patrice Lockert Anthony, left, with NFCA President Faye Mack. Photo courtesy of Neighboring Food Co-op Association GreenStar's Board of Directors (Council) President Patrice Lockert Anthony was recently honored by the Neighboring Food Co-op Association with their “Neighboring Co-operator” award, acknowledging her leadership and collaboration in helping our co-ops confront and address issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The “Neighboring Co-operator Award” acknowledges special contributions made to the Neighboring Food Co-op Association (NFCA) and the advancement of our vision by a staff member, director, or member of an NFCA Member Co-op or partner organization. As part of the award, the NFCA makes a contribution to the Bowers fund in honor of the recipient and invites other co-ops, organizations [...]

GreenStar Board President Honored with Neighboring Cooperator Award2019-05-08T14:09:43-04:00

GM Report: A Brief Look Back as We Push Forward


By Brandon Kane, General Manager Happy spring, fellow cooperators! I have much to share regarding where we’re headed, but first, let’s take a look back on 2018. We recently received the results of our annual audit, which affords me the opportunity to review a few key components of GreenStar’s performance last year. This provides background to better understand where we stand in our present operating year and expansion project. GreenStar’s 2018 gross sales exceeded $22.6 million, which represents about 2 percent over the previous year’s sales. With West End sales comprising over 75 percent of our revenue while we feel the ever-growing pressure from the need to expand, it’s no surprise that overall sales growth has plateaued for the [...]

GM Report: A Brief Look Back as We Push Forward2019-05-01T13:42:44-04:00

2019 Climate Awards Offer a Glimpse of the Future of Food


Farmers harvest fresh chamomile at the Brindavan Farm in Lucknow, India. The chamomile is grown using regenerative agriculture practices that improve biodiversity and soil quality. Photo courtesy of ORGANIC INDIA. By Co+op, stronger together Whether it’s thousands of purple-haired rainforest protectors or just one parent enjoying their usual breakfast on the run, natural product companies in the United States are empowering people to make a difference in the world and enjoy every minute of it. Food—how it is grown, produced, transported, used and thrown away—has a huge impact on our climate. Because good, sustainable food is our bread and butter (so to speak), food co-ops are working together on a national level to organize and influence the natural products industry [...]

2019 Climate Awards Offer a Glimpse of the Future of Food2019-04-18T13:02:10-04:00

Stock up for Passover with our great selection of Seder foods!


Spring is coming, and that means Passover is right around the corner — when the sun goes down on Friday, April 19, Passover begins. Food is central to this holiday, so we've got our Passover display at the West End store cram-packed with traditional Seder foods. We've got matzos of all kinds: classic wheat matzos from Streit's; whole-wheat and egg matzos from Manischewitz (producing matzo since 1888!) ; and organic whole-wheat and spelt matzos from Yehuda. Beyond matzos, look for matzo meal (classic, whole-grain, gluten-free), matzo ball mix and other Seder needs like gefilte fish, macaroons, gluten-free kosher for Passover noodles, and juices. Looking for Seder recipes and inspiration? The Joy of Kosher has you covered, from cooking to [...]

Stock up for Passover with our great selection of Seder foods!2019-04-10T16:20:57-04:00
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