Are Those Who Join the Co-op Members? Owners? Both!


By Alexis Alexander, Membership Manager, Laura Buttenbaum, Membership Administrator/Capital Campaign Coordinator, and Holly Baker, Director of Marketing and Owner Services Fall is always an exciting time in Ithaca! Students have arrived, the streets are bustling with activity, and the energy level heightens with the autumnal beauty of the Finger Lakes region. Whether you’re a new student in the area discovering GreenStar for the first time, new to shopping at GreenStar, or a long-term customer or member-owner, this is a great time to reflect on what it means to be part of a cooperative community, both locally and globally. Over the years, GreenStar has gone from designating those who join and pay equity into the Co-op as “members” to calling them [...]

Are Those Who Join the Co-op Members? Owners? Both!2019-10-09T14:36:45-04:00

Celebrating International Pronouns Day at GreenStar


By GreenStar’s Equity Action Team The third Wednesday of October, which this year is Oct. 16, is designated as International Pronouns Day. GreenStar will recognize and celebrate this event with all-day activities at our three retail stores. Stop by your favorite GreenStar location to pick up some pronoun stickers, literature, and a free pronoun cookie. If you’d like, chat with one of our volunteers at the table. Are you wondering what International Pronouns Day is all about? Here’s an explanation from the official website: “International Pronouns Day seeks to make respecting, sharing, and educating about personal pronouns commonplace. Referring to people by the pronouns they determine for themselves is basic to human dignity. Being referred to by the wrong [...]

Celebrating International Pronouns Day at GreenStar2019-10-02T12:58:32-04:00

Cooperatives Grow Communities: Riojana Olive Oil


By Co+op, stronger together, in celebration of National Co-op Month In the town of Arauco in the La Rioja province of Argentina stands the oldest olive tree in the country, planted in the 1600s. Although not native to Argentina, the Arauco olive is highly prized for its buttery smoothness and meaty texture, and for the robust floral and fruity flavor notes it contributes to olive oil. There, in the Antinaco-Los Colorados Valley, the cooperative producers of Riojana extra virgin, fair trade organic olive oil are cultivating much more than their 350 olive trees. Through cooperation, they are growing a healthy, vibrant and sustainable community. Reinvesting profits for health and education La Riojana’s founders came from Italy to Argentina in [...]

Cooperatives Grow Communities: Riojana Olive Oil2019-10-01T09:50:39-04:00

Cultivate Your Co-op This Fall: Owner Investment Program Q&A


GreenStar's Capital Campaign continues efforts to raise funds for our expansion via the Owner Investment Program. Read on to learn more about this successful campaign and how you can cultivate your co-op! Can you give a brief overview of GreenStar’s Capital Campaign thus far? We launched the Capital Campaign just over a year ago to raise funds to support the Co-op’s expansion and relocation to our new flagship store at 770 Cascadilla St. GreenStar member-owners are invited to purchase Investment Shares as a part of our Owner Investment Program, providing the Co-op with needed capital while earning a fair return on their investment. Our first phase in the fall of 2018 was quite a learning experience for us, and [...]

Cultivate Your Co-op This Fall: Owner Investment Program Q&A2019-10-01T09:29:23-04:00

A Message from GreenStar’s General Manager


9/14/19 Message Informational Picket to Be Held at GreenStar West End on September 15 Dear GreenStar Member-Owners, In the days following my communication on September 11, many of you have reached out with supportive statements and asked questions about the current union organizing activity by some GreenStar workers. Thank you for the opportunity to make GreenStar’s position clear. We believe in the democratic process and that all employees have the right to choose whether or not to have third-party representation, such as a union, and a right to determine which union they might want to represent them. Please understand that GreenStar does not have the right to call for a vote; only the organizers along with the union can [...]

A Message from GreenStar’s General Manager2019-09-18T11:13:28-04:00

Support Mental Health with the Sophie Fund Cupcake Baking Contest


By Scott MacLeod, Sophie Fund Co-founder When The Sophie Fund launched the first edition of the Ithaca Cupcake Baking Contest in 2016, we had a hunch that this community would go for it. In a season famous for the Apple Harvest Festival, a Chili Cook-Off, and a Chowder Cook-Off, there had to be room for a Commons culinary event with a sweet tooth. We were not disappointed: 57 bakers showed up for the contest with staggeringly beautiful and delicious entries, just about overwhelming the capacity of sugar-soaked judges to taste them all. Monica Lee Cotto took home the Grand Prize with a pumpkin cheesecake cupcake in a chocolate cage topped with a confectionery yellow and coral rose and a [...]

Support Mental Health with the Sophie Fund Cupcake Baking Contest2019-09-10T10:44:55-04:00

General Manager’s Report: Expansion Creates Greater Impact


By Brandon Kane, General Manager In our September newsletter, GreenLeaf, we're providing a glimpse into our new flagship store at 770 Cascadilla St., along with exciting details about the features and improvements we’ll see with its opening in early 2020. Among its three storefronts in downtown Ithaca, Collegetown, and West End, GreenStar employs over 180 people at industry-leading wages and contributes millions of dollars to our local economy through sales of locally farmed produce and other goods. We’re also committed to supporting access to fresh, local, organic food for all with our low-income discount program, FLOWER. GreenStar is certainly proud of its long-standing growth and impact on the Ithaca community, thanks in great part to the dedication of its [...]

General Manager’s Report: Expansion Creates Greater Impact2019-09-10T10:22:57-04:00

Welcome to 770 Cascadilla Street!


Construction is well underway on GreenStar's new flagship store at 770 Cascadilla St., and we can hardly wait to welcome you in the spring of 2020! We'd like to introduce some of the features of our new space. You’ll enter the parking lot of the new store via Cascadilla St. and will find 145 parking spaces there! You’ll notice six set aside for accessible parking, and two electric-car charging stations. A large pedestrian area outside the store entrance will feature covered bike racks and an area set aside for new motorized carts for shoppers who use mobility aids. As you walk into the store through the large main entrance, you’ll see a map of local suppliers (please stop and [...]

Welcome to 770 Cascadilla Street!2019-09-09T12:57:05-04:00

Welcome Students! You May Be Eligible for our FLOWER discount program!


By Alexis Alexander, GreenStar Membership Manager I’d like to extend a warm welcome to all new and returning college students and wish you a fulfilling and successful academic year. If you’re reading this article, we’re excited that you’re interested in learning more about GreenStar, a values-based, community-owned food cooperative driven by a mission to help create a better and more just world. As a triple bottom line organization, we place people and planet on an equal plane with profit, and work to promote social, environmental, food, and economic justice each and every day. How does this relate to Pell Grants and other support programs? We want to invite recipients of such benefits to take part in our healthy-food-access program, [...]

Welcome Students! You May Be Eligible for our FLOWER discount program!2019-08-27T13:43:24-04:00

Highlight on Cooperative Principle #5, Education!


Cool School Food participants do some hands-on learning about food. By Alexis Alexander, Membership Manager AUGUST! This is when Ithaca starts bustling with energy as teems of students head to Cornell and Ithaca College for the fall semester. From a co-op perspective, this calls forth the Fifth Cooperative Principle — Education, Training, and Information — which states: “Cooperatives provide education and training for their members, elected representatives, managers, and employees so they can contribute effectively to the development of their co-operatives. They inform the general public — particularly young people and opinion leaders — about the nature and benefits of cooperation.” GreenStar provides education and training on cooperatives in many different forms, from offering articles in our newsletter, [...]

Highlight on Cooperative Principle #5, Education!2019-08-12T13:24:06-04:00
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