General Manager Report — All Things Expansion!


  By Brandon Kane, General Manager It’s been nearly two years since GreenStar signed its first memorandum of understanding with our developer in order to pursue the feasibility of the expansion and relocation of our West End store and campus. Since then, the activity to pursue this project has barely ceased. I’m delighted to report that, [...]

General Manager Report — All Things Expansion!2019-02-13T12:29:18+00:00

Consider Serving as A Steward of GreenStar’s Future


By David Sibley, Council Member As the many pieces of the West End relocation puzzle fall into place, GreenStar’s need for competent, committed individuals willing to serve this vital community resource as decision-makers, and as stewards of our cooperative’s grand vision, grows. The Co-op’s mission to serve its member-owners, and to be a leader in the [...]

Consider Serving as A Steward of GreenStar’s Future2019-02-01T16:40:24+00:00

Go Solar — A New GreenStar Owner Benefit for You, the Co-op, and the Earth!


By Kristie Snyder, GreenStar Staff GreenStar is delighted to offer a new benefit for Co-op owners — one that will benefit the Co-op in its expansion as well. Delaware River Solar, based in Sullivan County, NY, is offering Co-op owners the chance to enroll in a community solar program. Good for owners, good for the Co-op, [...]

Go Solar — A New GreenStar Owner Benefit for You, the Co-op, and the Earth!2019-02-13T12:30:54+00:00

Values in Action, Every Day


Local farm Blue Heron delivering to GreenStar. By Co+op, stronger together We are proud to be part of a movement that proves respecting people is good for business. Millions of consumers around the globe have joined cooperatives for many reasons, including finding that they fill a need for housing, electricity, food, insurance and financial [...]

Values in Action, Every Day2018-12-05T13:28:36+00:00

A Greener GreenStar Is Coming


Wondering how we'll back up our commitment to environmental sustainability as we grow forward into our new space? Here are some of the green features, both inside and out, that we're excited about: Adaptive reuse of existing building — saves tons of concrete and greenhouse gas emissions Reuse of demolished warehouse as parking lot substrate — saves [...]

A Greener GreenStar Is Coming2018-12-03T13:36:38+00:00

Give Thanks and Pay It Forward with Fair Trade


By Co+op, stronger together This Thanksgiving, consider paying your gratitude forward. The holiday meal is the perfect time to consider swapping out a few items on your shopping list for Fair Trade-certified products. You get to enjoy delicious food while supporting life changing projects for the farmers who produced it. Fair trade standards ensure that farmers and [...]

Give Thanks and Pay It Forward with Fair Trade2018-11-14T10:30:53+00:00

GM Report: The Importance of Telling Our Story


By Brandon Kane, General Manager These are stressful times. Many of us are overworked and find it increasingly difficult to cover our basic living expenses without performing some form of balancing act to get us to the next paycheck. Cooperation, economic and otherwise, offers us an actual alternative to the debt-ridden isolation of conventional capitalism. All around [...]

GM Report: The Importance of Telling Our Story2018-11-05T12:36:23+00:00

Co-op Month Fast Facts


By Co+op, stronger together How can I distinguish a co-op from other organizations? A co-op is a business, usually incorporated, that sells goods and services. It is not a charitable organization or a social service agency. Who benefits from the co-op's existence? A co-op exists primarily for the benefit of its members. Many co-ops also support [...]

Co-op Month Fast Facts2018-10-10T14:21:42+00:00

GM Report: Cooperatives for Community


By Brandon Kane, General Manager I’ve come to realize over the years that cooperation and cooperatives are addictive. Although grocery cooperatives are usually similar to one another in many respects (product line, typical departments), each store is imbued with that region’s history and culture, making it a quintessential representation of its community. The local culture reflected in [...]

GM Report: Cooperatives for Community2018-10-03T11:31:06+00:00

Growing Forward by Cultivating Our Co-op


By Heidi Adami and Laura Buttenbaum, Capital Campaign Coordinators As shoppers at GreenStar, you’ve probably already heard the buzz building around the store these last few weeks about our Owner Investment Program. As the momentum for our Capital Campaign gains speed, so does our enthusiasm about what lies ahead for GreenStar. With record-breaking voter turnout, and record-breaking [...]

Growing Forward by Cultivating Our Co-op2018-10-03T11:58:45+00:00
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