GreenStar Cooperative Market

Education Program: Class Policy


GreenStar Cooperative Market strives to contribute to our community’s well-being through the classes we offer. We are interested in instructors who have the background and experience to present their topics clearly and professionally, and have credentials in the area that they wish to teach. Instructors can bring their business cards, sell their products, and sign up people for a service after class, but classes should be educational in nature and not geared toward selling or promoting products or services. We want our class attendees to leave each talk feeling they have gained useful, trustworthy information that they are eager to put into practice. We want them to ask us to bring you back.

GreenStar offers classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings between 6:30 and 8:30 PM, with the usual time being 7 – 8:15 PM. Registration for classes is required and GreenStar keeps a sign-up sheet.


The most popular classes:

1) Address a specific concern regarding health and well-being of people, pets or the environment, or demonstrate a relevant food or cooking topic.

2) Contain easy to understand, practical information presented with integrity, humor and a positive outlook.

3) Offer specific resources so attendees can further explore the topic on their own. Informational handouts are very popular.

If you can present a topic that integrates these elements, you’ll certainly be popular with our attendees.


There are four types of classes:


  1. Meet the Practitioner (MTP) Classes are free: participants are not charged a fee. No money is paid, nor work credit given to instructors. Instructors donate their prep and presentation time, and in turn receive the benefits of publicity and new clients as a result of the classes. Instructors must have a certification or degree that relates to the topic presented. These classes have a speaker to audience format, and should have informational handouts. Maximum enrollment is 25.

(Exceptions: – NOT to be included on this info page)

    Amanda Lewis, who gives monthly classes with STORE TOURS, highlighting the GreenStar products that she talks about in her classes. (8 hrs/month superworker for one class)

    Cindy and Steve Nicholson, who give their Solar Class as a community service, not to promote a business, and have been giving this class at GreenStar since 1995. (8 hrs/year regular work credit for one class).


  1. Food Sampling Classes: participants are charged a $5 fee. This money goes to reimburse GreenStar for the cost of products used in the class. GreenStar pays for all the products for food sampling classes, regardless of what fee is collected i.e. how many people sign up. No fee is paid to the instructors, nor do they receive work credit, but they receive the benefits of publicity and new clients from the class. Maximum enrollment is 25.


  1. Cooking Classes: participants are charged a $5 to $20 fee. This money goes to GreenStar to reimburse for the cost of cooking ingredients used for the class. GreenStar pays for all the ingredients for cooking classes, regardless of what fee is collected i.e. how many people sign up. No fee is paid to the cooking instructors, but they do receive 4 weeks of super worker credit (17.5%). If they spend $100/week at GreenStar, this works out to be a value of about $70. They also receive the benefits of publicity and new clients from the class. Cooking Classes consist of food preparation (off-site, if necessary), demonstration and sampling. Recipes/informational handouts should be emailed one week ahead of the class to who will prepare recipe packets. Maximum enrollment is 20


  1. Special Classes and film nights: Participants may be charged a fee. The instructors get to keep the proceeds. No work credit is given to the instructors, but they receive the same benefits of publicity and new clients as a result of the classes.


We do not host classes that are on-going series.


Minimum enrollment for a class is five, and GreenStar reserves the right to cancel a class if that enrollment is not met.


Informational Handouts

Instructors are encouraged to provide handouts covering the information presented in class. This information must be submitted by email ( at least three days before the class to the Education Coordinator who will format the handouts (max. 10 pages) and make copies for each person attending the class.


Advertising Classes:

GreenStar advertises classes in the GreenLeaf newsletter each month, and with fliers in the store. (We request that you send us a jpeg photo of yourself for the class flier.) We also list classes in the Ithaca Times Calendar, in the Natural Awakenings Magazine, on the GreenStar Website and promote them through email marketing. We will send you a class flier that we ask you to post and send to your email list as well.


If you would like to have your class proposal considered for the education program at GreenStar, please complete and submit this <class proposal form/instructor application>.


Thank you for your interest in sharing your skills and knowledge, and for taking the time to submit your proposal.