Council Candidate Application

Before completing the application below, we strongly recommend all potential Council Candidates read through our Council Candidate Application Packet

  • Declaration of Candidacy for Election to GreenStar's Council

    Every candidate must provide the following information and sign the Declaration. Your current address, phone, and email information is needed for Council purposes; as a candidate or Council member, you will need to provide at least one way for member-owners to contact you.


    To appear on the ballot that is sent to GreenStar Co-op owners, you must apply by March 1. After March 1, it’s still possible to run as a write-in candidate, but only if you submit this form by March 21, 11 pm. Write-in candidates who don’t declare by March 21 are not eligible for election.

  • NOTE: No more than 2 GreenStar employees may serve on Council at any one time. Management-level staff in the Area Supervisors Group - except for the Store Designer - are not eligible to serve.
  • NOTE: A limited conflict of interest, provided it is disclosed, does not make you ineligible to be a candidate; Your disclosure will be published with your candidate statement.
  • Additional Questions For Candidates Seeking Election to Council

    Please limit your responses to a total of 600 words (which is an average of 150 words per question). If the total length of your responses exceeds the cumulative limit of 600 words, one or more of your responses may be shortened or omitted.
  • For Council elections, candidates must meet the following Bylaw requirements.

    Please note that requirements 4 - 9 are New York State requirements which Board members must meet in order for the Co-op to maintain its’ operational licenses.

    1. I am an honest and caring person.
    2. I am a current GreenStar Co-op Member-Owner, in good standing.
    3. I will find sufficient time to devote to duties as a Director.
    4. I am a US citizen or permanent resident alien.
    5. I am at least 21 years old (or will be by the time I would join the board, following the election);
    6. I am not a convicted felon. I do not have alcohol-related or prostitution-related convictions that have not been expunged (for you, or in some cases, your spouse as well).
    7. I have not had a previously-held liquor license revoked, or violation of NYS liquor law in the past 2 years.
    8. I am not a police officer.
    9. I agree to be fingerprinted by the State of NY.
    10. I am committed to cooperation as a viable economic relationship.

    As part of my application to run for the Board of Directors of GreenStar Food Co+op, by signing below I certify that I am in compliance with the above requirements for Board candidacy. I understand that any deliberate or accidental misrepresentation of my compliance may result in my disqualification as a candidate and/or my removal if I am elected.

    If you cannot answer YES to this question, please consider whether it is in the Co-op’s best interest for you to be a candidate for Council. If you submit this form without a YES answer or verifying signature, you will be contacted by a Co-op representative, designated by Council, to discuss the matter in confidence.

    (must be signed and submitted by all candidates)

    By my signature below (or by my affirmation that this completed form is submitted by me, via my email account), I hereby declare that I am a member-owner in good standing of GreenStar Cooperative Market, Inc. (my membership equity payments are up to date, etc), that I have answered all of the preceding questions accurately and truthfully, and that I am a candidate for election to Council in this year's Council election.

    I am aware of the legal, fiscal, ethical and practical responsibilities of a member of GreenStar’s Council (board of directors), including the substantial time commitment, and the Code of Conduct for directors, and can (and will, if elected) respect and fulfill them.

  • Thank you for your interest in serving the Co-op!