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GreenStar Co-op: Council’s Committees

Committees play a crucial role in providing research, preparation, and recommendations for proposals and issues to be voted on by Council. Committees have seats for Council members, staff, and other (“at-large”) GreenStar members.
Committee members earn an 8% discount on purchases for their work.

  • Brief Committee descriptions and responsibilities appear below.
  • Council makes at-large appointments annually, in July, for one-year terms. (There are no term limits.)
  • To join a committee you must attend an orientation. Sign up for one by clicking here.
  • Often there are vacant seats during the year that can also be filled by Council, if there are applicants.
  • Please complete the online application below, or complete and submit a paper application at any one of our three locations.
  • Please indicate your preferences for a committee, and provide a Statement of Interest indicating why you would like to serve and what experience or skills you would bring to the role.
  • If you have any questions about any of the committees, or about this application, please contact

GreenStar Council’s Committees – Composition & Responsibilities

Standing Committees

For the most up-to-date information regarding Standing Committee
meeting times, please visit our calendar of events by clicking HERE.


Vacancy: none

Composition: at least 3 Council members (Treasurer is chair), 1 staff member, 3 at-large members (including at least 1 who is an accountant)

Meeting Time: meets the fourth Monday of each month at 5:30 pm*


  • Overseeing the annual budgeting process,
  • Overseeing regular financial audits of the Co-op,
  • Overseeing annual review of Co-op’s insurance coverage and other asset protections,
  • Recommending annual financial objectives, and
  • Reviewing and recommending changes to the Co-op’s financial policies.


Vacancy: 1 at-large member seat

Composition: at least 3 Council members; 1 staff member; 3 at-large members

Meeting Time: meets the third Wednesday of each month at 5:15 pm*


  • Overseeing annual Council elections,
  • Recruiting candidates for Council and committee positions,
  • Identifying possible training opportunities for Council members,
  • Overseeing Council’s Policy Book, and
  • Developing proposed policies & procedures (when requested to do so by Council).


Vacancy: 2 at-large member seats

Composition: at least 3 Council members; 2 staff members; 4 at-large members

Meeting Time: meets the first Tuesday of each month at 5 pm*


  • Promoting member participation in the Co-op,
  • Planning Membership meetings and mailings,
  • Facilitating interaction between Council and members,
  • Overseeing regular member surveys,
  • Overseeing member referenda, and
  • Maintaining contact with other co-ops.


Vacancy: none

Composition: at least 3 Council members; 1 Staff Advisory Board member; 2 at-large members (Human Resources Manager is ex officio member)

Meeting Time: meets the second Wednesday of each month at 5:30 pm*


  • When needed, recruiting & screening candidates for General Manager
  • Assisting Council with the annual performance evaluation of the GM
  • Organizing regular staff/Council “retreats,”
  • Reviewing and recommending amendments to the Co-op’s Personnel Policy,
  • Interpreting the Personnel Policy, when requested, and
  • Handling employee grievances


Vacancy: 2 at-large member seats

Composition: 3 Council members, 2 staff members, 3 at-large members

Meeting Time: meets the third Thursday of each month at 5 pm*


  • Reviewing GreenStar’s current bylaws and making recommendations (to Council) for revision,
  • Involving the Membership in the bylaws review process.


Vacancy: 1 at-large member seat

Composition: 4 Council members; 3 staff members; up to 3 at-large members

Meeting Time: meets the first Tuesday of each month at 5 pm*


  • Assisting Council in planning and preparing for the expansion of the Co-op (additional satellite stores, larger main store, etc),
  • Providing feedback and support to General Manager on steps to implement expansion goals,
  • Creating a timetable for moving forward with timely decision-making


Vacancy: 2 at-large member seats

Composition:  3 Council members – one of which will serve as Chair, 3 staff members, up to 4 members-at-large.

Meeting Time: meets the first Thursday of each month at 12:30 pm*


  • Collaborate with the Governance Committee to expand recruitment of Council members so it is inclusive
  • Stay up-to-date on research for, and offer, culturally responsive training for Council, as well as membership and/or staff when/if requested
  • Coordinate with Operations diversity and inclusion work to periodically assess for efficacy

*Meeting times may change. For the most up-to-date information regarding committee meeting times, please visit our calendar of events by clicking HERE

Ad Hoc Committees


[GreenStar’s first Ombuds Program began operating in early 2012.]

Composition: 2 Council members; 2 staff members (1 = management, 1 = non-management); and at least 2 at-large members


  • Make recommendations to Council on Ombudsperson job description and contract, and other Program details;
  • Recruit candidates for Ombudsperson positions, review and evaluate applications, make recommendation on selection to Council
  • Provide oversight and assistance to Ombudspersons


Vacancy: 2 at-large member seats

Composition: 2 Council members (one of whom the President shall name as Chair), at least 1 member of staff, and at least 2 members-at-large (with training and expertise in fundraising efforts or a related field).

Meeting Time: Scheduled as needed

Responsibilities: The Fundraising Committee is established to help GreenStar raise funds for either expanding or moving operations of the West End campus.  The Fundraising Committee will focus on researching and thoroughly outlining the process by which GreenStar shall raise funds to assist in the goal of securing, fitting out, and moving its West End store to a new location. The committee shall manage communication with members to elicit funds to GreenStar’s expansion project. The committee will be in effect until fundraising is completed; or the General Manager and Council President decide its purpose is no longer needed.



[This is a tax-exempt affiliate of GreenStar Co-op, with its own Board of Directors]

Composition of Board: 1 member named by Co-op’s Council; 1 member named by Co-op’s General Manager; up to 10 at-large members (named by the affiliate’s Board).

Purposes of Affiliate:

  • Provide information to public on cooperatives, healthful living, local self-reliance, self-sufficiency and community, ecological sustainability and/or social justice
  • Initiate and/or support community projects that promote cooperatives, local self-reliance, self-sufficiency and community, ecological sustainability and/or social justice in ways that honor and enhance the socio-economic diversity of the projects and those intended to benefit from them.
  • GSCP sponsors the annual Food Justice Summit, and more frequent gatherings for a Network of groups, businesses and individuals in Tompkins County working to strengthen the local food system.

Options for involvement:

  • Serve on the Board of Directors.
  • Serve on a committee (e.g., fundraising, networking, communication) or help with a specific project or event.
  • GreenStar work credit is possible for any level of committed service.

Apply Today

Council Committee Form

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  • Please list relevant experience to the committees you are most interested in participating in.
  • Committee Preference

    Rank in order of preference (1-9), with #1 being most preferred.

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