GreenStar Co-op: Council’s Committees

Committees play a crucial role in providing research, preparation, and recommendations for proposals and issues to be voted on by Council. Committees have seats for Council members, staff, and other (“at-large”) GreenStar members.
Committee members earn an 8% discount on purchases for their work.

  • Brief Committee descriptions and responsibilities appear below.
  • Council makes at-large appointments annually, in July, for one-year terms. (There are no term limits.)
  • Often there are vacant seats during the year that can also be filled by Council, if there are applicants.
  • Please complete the online application below, or complete and submit a paper application at any one of our three locations.
  • Please indicate your preferences for a committee, and provide a Statement of Interest indicating why you would like to serve and what experience or skills you would bring to the role.
  • If you have any questions about any of the committees, or about this application, please contact

Standing Committees

Provides oversight to ensure the Cooperative’s financial health and asset protection.

Composition: at least 3 Council members (Treasurer is chair), 1 staff member, 3 at-large members (including at least 1 who is an accountant)

Meeting Time: meets the fourth Monday of each month at 5:30 pm*


  • Oversee the annual budgeting process: compile, draft & monitor the Council budget
  • Oversee the process of reviewing and acting on the GM’s proposed budget for the Cooperative
  • Assist Council with the process of monitoring all of the GM’s reports on finances and financially-related policies
  • Oversee regular financial audits of the Co-op,
  • Oversee annual review of Co-op’s insurance coverage and other asset protections,
  • Recommend annual financial objectives, and
  • Review and recommend changes to the Co-op’s financial policies.

Ensures the functioning and efficacy of the Cooperative’s governing structure and policies.

Composition: at least 3 Council members; 1 staff member; 3 at-large members

Meeting Time: meets the third Monday of each month at 5 pm*


  • Recruit candidates for Council and committee positions, 
  • Organize, promote and supervise elections
  • Provide orientation and materials for new Council members
  • Identify possible training opportunities for Council members,
  • Ensure that Council monitors and reports on its own performance (at least annually)
  • Assist Council with the process of monitoring the GM’s policy interpretations and reports.
  • Oversee Council’s Policy Book
  • Develop proposed policies & procedures (when requested to do so by Council).

Acts as an advocate for member-owner participation in the Co-op.

Composition: at least 3 Council members; 2 staff members; 4 at-large members

Meeting Time: meets the first Thursday of each month at 5:30 pm*


  • Promote member participation in the Cooperative’s governance process
  • Plan Membership meetings and mailings,
  • Plan and coordinate member-owner outreach activities
  • Overseeing regular member surveys, referenda, and inter-cooperative relations

*Meeting times may change. For the most up-to-date information regarding committee meeting times, please visit our calendar of events by clicking HERE.

Ad Hoc Committees

Facilitates Council’s monitoring and evaluation of the GM’s performance and the GM’s annual report on staff treatment and compensation.

Composition: at least 2 Council members; 1 Staff Advisory Board member; 3 at-large members (Human Resources Manager is ex officio member)

Meeting Time: as needed


  • When needed, recruiting & screening candidates for General Manager
  • Developing and drafting the GM annual evaluation, including a summary and recommendation for Council 
  • Review the GM’s annual report on Policy B.6 and provide a recommendation to Council 
  • Develop necessary procedures for the completion of the GM annual evaluation

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  • Please list relevant experience to the committees you are most interested in participating in.
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