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Looking for the GreenStar Policy Book, GreenStar’s bylaws, Council & Committee meeting agendas, minutes, and information? Click the link below to visit the Council & Committee downloads page to find those documents.

Please Note: Council Meetings are currently being held online. If you’d like to attend, contact

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Our Board of Directors

Marilyn Chase
Marilyn Chase

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Executive Planning (Chair), Governance, Personnel (Ad Hoc)

Kara Cusolito
Kara Cusolito
Vice President

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Executive Planning, Membership Engagement (Chair)

David Sibley
David Sibley

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Executive Planning, Finance (Chair), Governance

Dan Hoffman
Dan Hoffman

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Executive Planning, Finance

Laura Buttenbaum
Laura Buttenbaum
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Governance Committee

Krys Cail
Krys Cail
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Finance Committee

Eldred Harris
Eldred Harris
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Membership Engagement

Diane Hillmann
Diane Hillmann
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Finance, Personnel (Chair, Ad Hoc)

Yvonne LaMontagne
Yvonne LaMontagne
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Membership Engagement, Personnel (Ad Hoc)

Jan Rhodes Norman
Jan Rhodes Norman
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Hope Spithaler
Hope Spithaler
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Memebrship Engagement Committee

Pat Sewell
Pat Sewell
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Executive Planning, Governance (Chair)

What Does Council Do?

GreenStar’s Council is its Board of Directors, the governing body that our member-owners elect to make policy decisions that affect the direction of the Co-op and to safeguard our assets. Council works with the General Manager to define how the Co-op’s long term goals will be reflected in store operations, making decisions about expansion possibilities, continuing our comprehensive revision of policies, and much more. Council functions best when it has a diverse and representative membership made up of committed and caring individuals.

Get Involved by Serving on GreenStar’s Council

Typically, five of fifteen seats on GreenStar’s Council will be filled per election.

Co-op member-owners interested in running for Council must: 

  • Attend a Council Candidate Information Session. These hour-long sessions will be held at various times throughout the year.
  • Attend at least one full Council Meeting. Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month from 6:30-9:30 pm in The Classrooms @ GreenStar (702 W. Buffalo St.)
  • During the election period, candidates must attend at least one member-owner function, though attendance at both is highly recommended: the Annual Member Meeting (held in mid-April) and a Council Candidate Forum. These events give Co-op member-owners an opportunity to meet you and ask questions before casting their vote.
  • Submit the Declaration of Candidacy form by March 1 to appear on the ballot.

Get more information by contacting Council at

Read the Council Candidate Application Packet
Apply for GreenStar’s Council

Serve on a GreenStar Council Committee

GreenStar’s Council seeks applications from Co-op members in good standing interested in serving on any of our various committees. You may nominate yourself or another member. Committees play a crucial role in providing research, preparation, and recommendations for proposals and issues to be voted on by Council. Committees have seats for Council members, staff, and other (“at-large”) GreenStar members. Committee members earn a 8% discount on purchases for their work. Learn more or apply now!

Get Involved! Serve on a Council Committee

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GreenStar’s Ends Statements

The Purpose of GreenStar Cooperative Market:


– to Nurture a constructive, dynamic, and supportive cooperative community, and a culture of shared purpose and respect among people of diverse backgrounds.


– to Foster cooperative attitudes, cooperative ownership as an alternative economic model, collaboration among cooperatives and like-minded businesses, and engagement with the larger co-op movement.

Local, Democratic Control

– to Ensure local, democratic control of the cooperative through open participation in and transparent governance of a member-owned retail food store.

Good Food, Plus

– to Provide wholesome, healthy, affordable and ethical food choices, as well as quality goods and services to support a healthy lifestyle.


– to Make a meaningful contribution toward ecological sustainability, including a zero-carbon footprint and increased local and regional food self-reliance.


– to Ensure that its members and shoppers can learn about cooperatives, food, regional and community-based food systems, health, sustainability and social justice.


– to Show by example that a successful business can be an empowering and safe work environment, committed to fair treatment of both people and animals, and dignity and non-discrimination for all, including those whose labor produces and provides the goods carried by the Co-op.