“Creating Peace: One Piece at a Time” Art Show at GreenStar 

Stop by the West-End Store during September to view Game Changer Art — here to repurpose and transform violent video games and e-waste into something beautiful … in community! In advance of any public art project, the Game Changer Movement paints the violent images off of the discs that we use as the medium for our creation process. The peaces on display were created at SouthSide Community Center and the Ithaca Festival. The Game Changer Movement exists to inspire youth and gamers of all ages to redirect their gaming time from video games that kill time to video games that make a contribution to the collective good of the planet. Our wish is to inspire 1 million young gamers to change their game by trading in violent video games and joining us in a community creation process that will develop a platform of games that matter. A beautiful by-product of this process is that we create art out of all the materials that have been collected! We will create Game Changer Art in Community at the Wizarding Weekend, October 27-29. Please join us! Should you wish to volunteer with or support the Game Changer Movement, please reach out to us at gamechangermovement@gmail.com or visit gamechangermovement.com and together, we will create peace: one piece at a time!