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We’re your one-stop-shop! You’ll find everything from pantry staples, specialty foods, baby foods, eco-friendly home goods, vegan options, household essentials, kitchenware, pet food and much more! We offer the largest selection of local products in town.

Our grocery shelves are filled with the foods you love at prices you can afford. Many items are there because you helped select them. We work hard to offer great prices on high-quality products. Check out our sales flyers!

Didn’t find what you needed? Make a suggestion on our Talk to Us! boards or ask us to place a special order for you. Your opinion helps determine what we buy – so let us know…we’d love to hear from you.

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Fresh Prepared Foods

We cook from scratch using fresh, local, and organic ingredients. Our reputation for clean, healthy food has stood the test of time because of the quality of our ingredients and the care with which they are prepared. Relax at our indoor or outdoor dining area and enjoy a meal with friends or just some coffee and a treat.

We have both made to order options and grab and go items. We offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. From our meals to go, rotisserie chickens, sides, sandwiches, bowls, salads, and wraps — you’re sure to find something you’ll like. Our Hot Bar and Salad Bar items are prepared in-house daily — check our menu to see what’s being served today. Soups are made from scratch, year round and are also listed daily, so you always know what’s cooking.

What’s in my food? We use fresh, natural, and organic ingredients including whole grains and seasonal produce, locally-sourced whenever possible. We clearly mark all of our prepared foods with a full list of ingredients. We also clearly label our vegan, vegetarian, and wheat-free options.

Our Made to Order Menus

GreenStar’s Bakery

We love to bake. We follow time-tested recipes and bake in small-batches with no trans fats or white sugar. We keep it simple with fresh, organic, and natural ingredients. We make it the way you would, so you don’t have to.

You’ll find a fresh-baked selection of cookies, muffins, cupcakes, breads, pies, scones, cakes, bars and more! All of our are bakery offerings are baked fresh daily right here, so there’s something good coming out of the oven all day every day. Many of our best baked goods are vegan. Ask anyone in town about our vegan cupcakes.

We take special orders. Planning a party that needs a cake or a cupcake platter? Just contact bakery@greenstar.coop.

Liquid Energy Bar: Coffee, Smoothies, & Kombucha

Now offering speciality coffee drinks, chai, nitro cold-brew, 100% organic smoothies, and Aqua ViTea Kombucha on-tap

What you’ll find: High-quality Fair Trade and Organic coffees and the standard selection of espresso, cappuccino, americano, and latte, to blended frozen mochas, chai lattes, and nitro cold-brew coffee. A selection of smoothies made with all organic ingredients and rotating flavors of kombucha, made with premium teas and ingredients, from Aqua ViTea.

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Fresh-Cut Meat & Cheese

Fresh-cut local, organic & regional meats are available from our butcher counter.

Our Promise: We support farmers that prioritize the health of their animal and respect for the environment. The meats we sell are sustainably raised with no hormones or antibiotics.

Our Specialty Cheese Counter offers cheeses from around the world and from right here. You’ll find something to add to any cheese board.

Have questions? Our knowledgeable staff is available to help you make your selection.


We Know Local Farmers. We build relationships with local growers and producers to offer an abundant variety of organic and local produce. We visit the local farms that support our community to learn more about how our food is grown.

We Know Good Food. Our staff knows about the farms who grow your fruits and veggies. If you are new to any fruit or vegetable on our shelves, just ask us how to prepare it. We are happy to help.

We Play Fair. For over 45 years, we have prioritized offering Fair Trade products from small farms and cooperatives around the world, given our producers a fair price for their hard work, and offered our customers great prices on our shelves.


We pledge that our Wellness products have not been tested on animals, are made with clean, natural ingredients, are free from any unnecessary additives,  fillers, binders, artificial colors and flavors, and contain no micro-beads. We choose our products carefully and ensure we offer the most reliable and trusted brands.

Our Wellness department offers an array of natural health and body care items including: affordable basic staples, natural makeup lines, essential oils, CBD, soaps, haircare, first aid, and a bulk body care section. We also offer locally-produced candles, jewelry, and pottery, cards, incents, and more!

Our extensive supplement collection includes: vitamins, minerals, protein powders, herbs, amino acids, probiotics, antioxidants, immune support, homeopathic remedies, essential fatty acids and much more!

Our friendly & knowledgeable staff is what makes our Wellness Department exceptional. Plus we offer easy special orders for hard to find items.


Our bulk department is really where GreenStar got started. After all, we got our start as “the Grain Store.” In quality and quantity, GreenStar’s bulk department still wins hands down. Everyone wins big in Bulk because it’s just better buying: It reduces wasteful packaging, and it’s a great way to save money without sacrificing quality. You can purchase only the amount you need so it’s always fresh.

What do we offer? You name it: rice, grains, sweeteners, oils, vinegars, sweet treats, granolas, nut butters, honey, pasta, soup mixes, beans, flours, cereals, trail mixes, dried fruits, nuts and seeds. We also have bulk herbs, spices, soaps and shampoos. We sell fresh bulk teas and coffee too. We have containers for everything. Everything you need is right there next to the bulk items. If you can’t find it, just ask a staff person for directions for assistance.

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