A Note from GreenStar: Farm Sanctuary is one of 10 local nonprofit organizations voted among GreenStar’s membership to be a 2023 Partner for Change. They are also GreenStar’s February 2023 featured Positive Change recipient. Read more about our Partners for Change program here.

Article provided by Farm Sanctuary –

Jenny the Pig. Photo provided by Farm Sanctuary.

(photo provided by Farm Sanctuary)

Farm Sanctuary is a place of refuge, hope, and transformation for farm animals, people, and our world.

Since 1986, we’ve worked to combat the abuses of factory farming, advocate for institutional reforms, and encourage a new understanding of farm animals and the benefits of just, compassionate, vegan  living.

We began by visiting farms, stockyards, and slaughterhouses to document and fight the unregulated abuse and mistreatment of farm animals. While investigating Lancaster Stockyards in Pennsylvania, we met Hilda sheep, our first sanctuary resident.

Hilda was abandoned on a pile of dead and dying animals — discarded as a “downer” because she couldn’t stand and was therefore ineligible for sale. Hoping to alleviate her suffering, we drove her to a veterinarian, who gave Hilda fluids for dehydration and helped her get back on her feet.

Inspired by her will to live, we took Hilda home and committed ourselves to her care. Today, we house nearly 700 rescued residents at our sanctuaries in Watkins Glen, New York, and just outside Los Angeles, California, and are a leading voice in the national farm animal protection movement through our rescue, education, and advocacy.


Most of our residents faced abuse, neglect, or exploitation within America’s farming industries. As such, they may face significant health issues and require ongoing, specialized care.

Farm Sanctuary is grateful for our relationship with the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, whose veterinarians welcome us on the heels of emergency rescues, provide follow-up care, and help promote an optimal quality of life for our rescued friends. Our partnership is also changing the face of veterinary medicine, giving doctors access to animals they wouldn’t otherwise treat.

Public Tour at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY. (photo provided by Farm Sanctuary)


Within an hour’s drive from GreenStar’s locations, Farm Sanctuary’s Watkins Glen, New York, shelter offers seasonal, hour-long tours to meet our rescued residents. Our sanctuary guides share the animals’ rescue stories and discuss how their lives have changed since then.

We also offer online humane education to communicate compassion with youth nationwide. In 2022, we surpassed our goal of reaching 100,000 students with our classroom presentations and virtual programming. We introduce animals as living, feeling beings and empower students to build a more just and compassionate food system.


Since our founding, we’ve worked to effectuate change on a systems level. We’ve successfully campaigned to increase legal oversight and protections, reduce unnecessary harm, and change how people view and treat farm animals.

We’re not just fighting factory farming. Recognizing that animal agriculture is just one part of a broken food system, we’re working across movements to “build the good” – just and sustainable food systems that support animals, people, and the planet. (Learn more about our current initiatives here.)

Public Tour at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY. (photo provided by Farm Sanctuary)

Come Visit Us!

Public tour season at our Watkins Glen sanctuary opens in May, and we are still offering private tours over the winter months, weather pending. Visit our website to learn more!

We would like to thank GreenStar Food + Co-op for featuring us in their Partners for Change program. To further support Farm Sanctuary, you can follow us on social media or donate toward our lifesaving work.

A compassionate world begins with you.