GreenStar’s FLOWER programFresh, Local & Organic Within Everyone’s Reachprovides a 13-percent discount to member-owners experiencing financial hardship. Those receiving benefits from a list of qualifying programs are eligible to participate.

FLOWER has helped GreenStar grow its membership among low-income shoppers. Prior to FLOWER, 31 percent of all SNAP sales were to non-members. Now that number is just 16 percent. Of the 1,291 people who have participated in FLOWER, 43 percent became GreenStar member-owners through FLOWER. Many of them are still member-owners today even though they no longer qualify for this discount. Many participants have told us that FLOWER enables them to spend more of their food dollars at GreenStar.

FLOWER is evolving over time into a more inclusive program, through the addition of targeted qualifying programs (e.g., Pell Grants for students and SSI for the elderly and people with disabilities). We’re working on a qualifier for refugees and for formerly incarcerated individuals.

Expanding Our Success

When we launched FLOWER, only a handful of co-ops had a healthy food access discount program. Today, inspired by those pioneer programs and FLOWER, many co-ops have established programs of their own. Still more are in various stages of setting one up. GreenStar maintains detailed FLOWER statistics, and other co-op General Managers have used this information to present a case for a similar program to their boards. As we share FLOWER’s success with other co-ops, and they start programs of their own, we multiply the positive impact that we have on the world.

Do you qualify?

Individuals receiving benefits from one of the designated qualifying programs (SNAP, Public Assistance, Medicaid, WIC, Free School Lunch, Pell Grant, SSI, or Healthy Food for All) are eligible to participate. For more information, pick up a FLOWER flyer at any of our three stores, or ask any cashier or Front Desk staff for an application!