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GreenStar’s healthy food access discount program is designed to make natural, wholesome food and eco-friendly products more affordable to all members of our community.

FLOWER means more people in our community coming together and supporting a dynamic locally-owned cooperative committed to offering healthier food choices, promoting social justice and protecting the planet.

With FLOWER, everyone benefits – our community, our Co-op, and our planet. To qualify for the 13% FLOWER discount, you must currently receive assistance from one of the following programs:

  • SNAP
  • Unemployment
  • Pell Grant
  • Medicaid
  • WIC
  • Free School Lunch Program
  • TANF – Cash Assistance
  • Healthy Food For All
  • SSI or SSDI

If you’ve never been a GreenStar Co-op Member-Owner, you will receive a one year, free trial ownership. To continue your membership after the first year, you’ll need to make the remaining $5 annual owner equity payment until you reach the full equity investment of $90, or leave the Co-op.

Download the FLOWER Application

Frequently Asked Questions

No. If you’ve never been a GreenStar member-owner and qualify for FLOWER, you’ll receive a one-year trial membership. Your member card will be mailed to you with your FLOWER approval letter.

Applications are available at all GreenStar store locations and linked on this page, above. Qualifying documentation is shown at the time of application, and your discount will be activated in 3 days. You’ll receive notification of program approval via US mail or email.

The discount expires after one year. FLOWER participants must keep their annual membership payments up to date and also reapply annually for the FLOWER program. Reapplication reminder letters are issued one month before discount expiration.

Only you! All GreenStar memberships are individual memberships and cannot be shared with other adults, including spouses, partners, and housemates. Adult members of your household can apply for their own membership and FLOWER discount.

While most items receive the 13% FLOWER discount, including Co+op Basics, supplements, and prepared foods, the FLOWER discount doesn’t apply to products within GreenStar’s sales programs: Co+op Deals, Owner Deals, and Flash Sales. In addition, alcohol does not receive the FLOWER discount.

For more information, contact Member-Owner Services (membership@greenstar.coop) or call the Membership Department at 607-273-9392, ext. 129.

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