Fresh, Local & Organic Within Everyone’s Reach

GreenStar’s member-owner discount program is designed to make natural, wholesome food and eco-friendly products more affordable to all members of the community.

FLOWER means more people in our community coming together and supporting a dynamic locally owned co-operative committed to offering healthier food choices, promoting social justice and protecting the planet.

With FLOWER, everyone benefits – Our community, our co-op and our planet. To qualify for the 13% FLOWER discount, you must currently receive assistance from one of the following programs:

  • Food Stamps
  • TANF – Cash Assistance
  • WIC
  • Medicaid
  • Free School Lunch Program
  • Healthy Food For All
  • Pell Grant
  • SSI (Supplemental Security Insurance)

If you’ve never been a GreenStar member, you will receive a one year, free trial membership. To continue your  membership after the first year, you can do so by paying a $5 annual member equity requirement until you reach the full membership requirement of $90.

For more information, contact Alexis Alexander or call the Membership Department at 607-273-2507, ext. 234.

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