Everyone needs healthy food!

… but a lack of money, transport, or hope can create barriers to getting it.  Approximately 1,300 families in Tompkins County face chronic poverty from low wages, distant housing, and poor transport.  Add to that a fractured food system and these families are not getting basic healthy food. The cycle deepens when the food they do get can cause obesity, diabetes, and other relentless challenges.

GreenStar Community Projects (GSCP) leads the charge – working closely with partners to build a local food system where all people can always get nourishing food! Hatched from our parent cooperative, GreenStar Natural Foods Market, in 2007, GSCP knows what cooperation means, and this is our tool box:

COMMUNITY MEALS – Step by step the voices of our community are supporting one another to solve food insecurity using the wisdom of the village.

FOOD SYSTEM Nolivia-tomatoesETWORK – Step by step we have built a diverse food system network of more than 170 local food initiatives and over 600 individuals from different sectors and communities. The network assembles quarterly in free and open sessions to address key food issues (next up is Urban Gardening!)

HOT POTATO PRESS – Step by step we are getting the word out through a news and advocacy platform to connect voices and inform the network 24/7. Dig in!

CHILDHOOD NUTRITION COLLABORATIVE – Step by step we are guiding a local Childhood Nutrition Collaborative. Some of the Community Meal participants inform this collaborative, hand-in-hand with non-profits, government agencies, schools, colleges, and local business partners, all of whom are deeply invested in shared outcomes.

GSCP’s tool box strengthens our local food system so everyone will grow up with nourishing food. We need to fuel it with more funds and energize it with steady, visionary volunteers.  Join us on this wild and hopeful journey! 

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Contributed by:
Holly Payne, Coordinator for GreenStar Community Projects