GreenStar Community Projects: Building a Local Food System for Everyone


GreenStar Community Projects (GSCP) — established by GreenStar members in 2007 — is building a sustainable local food system that nourishes everyone! We are grounded in the belief that we increase our impact and empower our communities by working collaboratively!

GSCP supports and strengthens the work of organizations and individuals working to better our food system by bringing these parties into communication with one another. We facilitate Local Food Network sessions — so far having brought together more than 170 local food-related organizations and more than 800 individual participants — to effectively share resources, skills, and knowledge. We lead the Childhood Nutrition Collaborative to align cross-sector partners under a shared work plan that targets the root causes of childhood hunger. Our Esty Street Garden, a wheelchair-accessible urban garden located in downtown Ithaca, provides the space and support to help those in need learn to grow their own food, while bringing people together around local food production.

GSCP is guided by our engagement with and accountability to the communities we serve. That’s why we’re launching an outreach campaign to hear from you! We urge you to follow these efforts by signing up for our newsletter on our new webpage and to connect with us on Facebook and Instagram.

GSCP has brought Alana Pagano on board to lead this campaign. She has a passion for food justice, politics, and community organizing and is incredibly excited to be joining us. To learn more or to get involved with GSCP’s outreach, reach out to her here.

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