GreenStar New West End Store

This could be our NEW West End store!

Your Co-op is Exploring Relocation and Expansion!

We’re excited to announce the goal of relocation and expansion of our West End operations by the end of 2019! Our member-owners must approve any long-term leases, and the project to relocate to 770 Cascadilla Street will be presented for an owner vote in March 2018. This special vote will run from March 11 – 31 — more information will be sent to Co-op owners in early March.

This project aims to more than double the sales area, creating wider aisles, less noise, increased product selection, and a much-improved shopping experience. It will also provide more parking, add substantial seating in the cafe, offer more room for classes and events at the same location, and employ even more people. Additionally, consolidating our main store, warehouse, kitchen, offices, and classrooms under one roof will significantly increase efficiency and improve the working environment.

Brandon Kane, General Manager, notes that “cooperatives offer a better way of doing business, with a focus on more than just profit. We’re a business with a mission. When we grow, we do more good for our community. Our growth strengthens the local economy, allows us to offer more local, organic, sustainable food, and continues to create a more diverse and inclusive community. The expansion and consolidation of GreenStar’s West End campus ensures our cooperative business remains fiscally sound for years to come.”

The demand for local, organic goods is growing nationally, and although GreenStar is considered a large co-op, with revenue of over $22 million per year, we’re still much smaller than our conventional counterparts. Growth will bring additional revenue, which will allow the Co-op to better serve to our owners and community.

As a community-owned cooperative, our mission and vision for sustainability and equity is not a trend, but is woven into the fabric of our business practices and product line. Currently, GreenStar employs over 200 people with industry-leading wages and benefits and supports local farmers and producers with over $6 million in local product sales each year. These factors support our ongoing goals of a strong, equitable local economy, increased access to fresh, local food, and a healthy, vibrant community. To remain competitive in a rapidly changing industry, GreenStar will need to grow and prosper into the future.

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