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2017 Annual Report

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What You Need To Know

Growing Forward is putting the Co-op’s Ends Statements, drafted by our Board of Directors in 2013, to work — it’s our Co-op’s purpose in action. It’s how we ensure the success of our Co-op in the future and why we work to expand the reach of our mission.

We believe that co-ops represent a better way of doing business, and the more we can provide what our owners need, the larger our positive impact on the community. Growth with purpose and intention, such as being able to pay our staff a higher wage or purchasing more from local farms is growing forward.

We want to expand the reach of our mission, but the West End store has too many physical drawbacks, including cramped aisles, an inefficient layout, and an inadequate parking lot.

It’s our flagship store, accounting for about 75% of our sales and we are completely out of space. Read our Feasibility Study about the proposed relocation and expansion project.

We love the Co-op too, and growth has become necessary for us to stay competitive and ensure we can be part of the Ithaca community for another 47 years. Expansion will allow your Co-op to improve drastically! We’ll more than double our sales area, have wider aisles, increased product selection, more parking, and more seating in our café!

Each year our expenses rise and our sales must grow so that we can stay in business, continue to support community organizations and local farmers, and offer the excellent wages and benefits to over 200 staff members!

Our goal is to open the doors of our beautiful new store in early 2020.

Not a thing! DeWitt and Collegetown will remain open in their current locations. We are just expanding and relocating our West End store.

  • Read the Feasibility Study on the proposed expansion and relocation.
  • Read our latest blog post about the proposed relocation and expansion.

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