GSCP – GreenStar Community Projects

GreenStar Community Projects

Since 2007 the Co-op has had a tax-exempt affiliate dedicated to making our food system more equitable, sustainable, and locally based. GreenStar Community Projects (GSCP) supports a variety of exciting initiatives around food justice and sustainability.


Everyone needs healthy food, but a lack of money, transportation, or information creates barriers. Help GreenStar Community Projects clear the way to food justice for all. Below you’ll see our active projects and learn more about how to get involved.


GSCP Community Meals Program

Step by step the voices of our community are supporting one another to solve food insecurity using the wisdom of the village. Share stories at a free meal run by community members, or host your own meal with our financial support!


Local Childhood Nutrition Collaborative

We have built a diverse food system network (of more than 170 local food initiatives and over 600 individuals from different sectors and communities). This Collective Impact Initiative assembles quarterly in free & open sessions to address key food issues.


Quarterly Local Food Networking Sessions

Some of the Community Meal participants inform this collaborative, hand-in-hand with non-profits, government agencies, schools & colleges, and local business partners, all of whom are deeply invested in shared outcomes. We focus on one food issue at each session. Free and open to everyone!


Hot Potato Press

This is GSCP’s food news & networking website. We are getting the word out through a news and advocacy platform to connect voices and inform the network 24/7. Your voice and your articles are always welcome.

Events For Everyone

Contact GSCP

Holly Payne, GSCP Coordinator

Email: Phone: 607-277-0080 extension 509 Follow GSCP on Facebook Visit Hot Potato Press, our food news and networking site: Follow Hot Potato Press on Facebook