By Luciana Camy

What happens when we feel anxious? Maybe our hearts beat faster, and our hands may sweat. We may feel overwhelmed and confused. We’re more likely to experience insomnia and restlessness. We may feel a sense of apprehension or insecurity. We might even feel angry, fearful, or frustrated about the fact that we feel anxious, then turn to blaming society, or our partners, or our childhood traumas.

But where does this feeling really come from and how can we heal?

We tend to see ourselves as separate entities, separate from others and from the world around us. In ancient times, when human beings shifted from living in close-knit communities to inhabiting separate, isolated properties, their sense of belonging to nature was weakened, if not completely cut off. In modern society, in our largely urban, technology-driven lives, we’re more isolated and self-absorbed than ever. And we torture ourselves with our focus on ownership, which most of the time leads to dissatisfaction.

The “lacking syndrome” is what I call the sensation that nothing is enough to fulfill our lack. We become eternal beggars. Trying desperately to build a sense of security, we find ourselves struggling to over-control everything. But if the real nature of life is impermanence and change, then over-controlling is the last thing that will ever bring peace. No actual security will ever come of that — even with the best job, the best partner, or the best house.

When I began learning about aromatic flowers and using them in my holistic coaching work, I was moved by how incomplete my understanding of my own life had been. The flowers looked so fragile and silent. I couldn’t imagine the immense healing power they would have on me, by just being who they are.

Discovering this magical and miraculous medicine of the Earth, I realized that nature can only help us when we don’t try to take anything from it, but instead belong to it again. We must shift back to belonging to the immense source of life force that permeates the universe.

When we’re not trying to take advantage of nature, the right medicine can arrive in our lives … and suddenly things become much clearer. We gain a feeling of acceptance and wholeness. When we use essential oils, herbs, or flower essences, we are being co-creators. It is best to let go of expectations, and just experience the connection between the mind and the body, between these new sensations and the gentleness that comes from them. Experience how it feels, relaxing into the arms of Mother Earth. It is a journey of self-awareness.

Lavender helped me so much with restlessness and insomnia. A pure organic oil can calm strong emotions that otherwise threaten to overwhelm the mind. The secret is to apply it on one’s back, chest, and forehead. Chamomile can decrease our self-criticism and our criticism of others. It eases the tension of excessive ego-desire, and the frustration, resentment, and depression that so often follow. Rosemary, like rose oil, helps to reinvigorate, and to replenish joy and faith in love. Rosemary is the herb of remembrance. It helps us not only to recall loved ones, but also to remember our own true path. I especially like to use rosemary spray over my head during the day.

I tell the people I work with that in the midst of a storm of limiting beliefs, flowers can bring us back to simplicity. They help ease our minds. When we let flowers touch us, we let nature mother us. Flowers can teach us to choose kindness and to recognize joy in every situation.

Healing is about letting in the unknown and letting out waste. Next time you feel anxious, try to notice how you’re communicating with yourself, and let your greatness be uncovered by the profound silence of flowers. It may open you to the eternal movement of the universe that says, deep within your being: move on … move on.

Luciana Camy is a holistic life coach and aromatherapist, who lives in Ithaca. Visit her online.