We’ve been so touched by the kindness & generosity that our community has shown us.

Here’s some of the messages we received from our community:

Just wanted to say thank you for this email and send our family’s very best wishes to the staff member who contracted the virus. Our thoughts are with them and we want them to know that if it is at all possible! We really appreciate everyone at GreenStar. With lots of love!

This is so hard for all of you, and thanks for keeping us informed. Praying that the illnesses are very mild, and that no more spreading happens. 

Thank you so much for taking every precaution from day one. GreenStar’s early research, safety implementation, and communication practices have helped create a particularly safe environment for which I am so, so, very grateful during these complicated times. Please keep doing what you’re doing! If there is any doubt, most of us would rather be in the loop than not at every step during this pandemic. Thank you, again, for your commitment and diligence. 

Hey you guys… As a shopper at GS since moving back here in 2015 and a member since, I think, 5/3/20 I wish you all the very best for your diligence, your good humor, your attention to the minutiae and your steadfast care for both your staff and for your customers and members. Onwards GreenStar, onwards!

 Just wanted to reach out and tell you all that I’m saying prayers for the person who has tested positive for COVID and for you all. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know. Thank you!

Just sending a lot of love as the Co-op navigates this, I know you’re already understaffed and I can imagine it’s very stressful. Please take good care and know that your work is valued and your communication efforts appreciated. And that GreenStar is valued in the community although people don’t always likely know how to best convey that and that sometimes when people care the only way they are comfortable expressing it is with anger or criticism. Just want to say that in case you’re receiving any negative feedback, I hope you’re not ! Thank you and with heart.

Thanks for the update! I appreciate it! I hope this doesn’t affect business too much. Thank you for being so proactive about the situation and for letting us know what is going on.

Thanks for your concerns — I just want you all to know that I appreciate everything you are doing and have done to get the new store up and running – it is gorgeous and fab! Sending you love and appreciation.

Hang in there, Brandon. You are doing a great job!

Thanks Brandon for the update! Hang in there. I imagine this has added stress to your and others’ already-full plates.

I want to thank each and every GreenStar staff member for their care and concern that goes beyond what I have experienced anywhere else, but what we have come to expect from our Co-op. I was one of the people who was in the store when the staff person tested positive. I got tested because my husband has cancer and is undergoing chemo. We needed to be sure. GreenStar is the only store I go in since the COVID pandemic. I always feel safe there and so appreciative of the steps you are taking and continue to take each and every day to ensure our health and safety. The staff is caring and responsive and working so hard. Thank you and I am proud to be a member. You bless this community.

This is the safest and cleanest shop in town — even if I was here on May 8. This remains my best place to shop! I now buy all my groceries here. Thank you to all your staff!

Thank you for sharing your messages of gratitude! We truly appreciate your kind words.