Marilyn Chase 2022

from Marilyn Chase, Council President

GreenStar Council News for June 2022

Next Thursday, July 14th – stop by the West End store at 770 Cascadilla Street between 2:00 and 6:00 pm to say hello to Jeff Bessmer – the Co-op’s new General Manager

Jeff’s hiring was the culmination of a six-month search that began in January with the formation of an ad-hoc GM Search Committee, composed of six GreenStar Council members and three Co-op staff members. Much thanks and appreciation to the committee for their dedication and cooperation, along with that of Interim General Manager Deb Peskin, Assistant Interim General Manager Giles McCarty, and the rest of the Co-op’s dedicated staff.

Highlights from the May Council Meeting

At its June regular meeting, Council approved amendments to policy B.4 – Membership Rights and Responsibilities, which were recommended after thorough review and discussion by the Governance committee. The Governance Committee is performing a comprehensive review of all our policies to ensure language is clear, consistent, reflects best practices and sets appropriate limitations. Approval of the amendments to policy B.4 completes the review of the B policies. The Governance Committee will begin reviewing C policies at their July 27th meeting. 

Council monitored Policy B.6 – Employee Treatment and Compensation, finding itself out of compliance with sub-policies 1, 2.m, 3.b, 3.d, 3.f, 4, and 9.The Interim General Manager presented an acceptable plan of action to bring Council back into compliance. One of these actions was the adoption of an Employee Handbook and repeal of the Official Personnel Policy (OPP), which was drafted and adopted in 1981.

Council Member and Secretary Hope Spithaler resigned from Council at the end of June 2022 so that she could focus on caring for family. Council elected Pamela Coleman to serve as Secretary for the remainder of 2022.

Other highlights from the June Council Meeting Include:

You can find details on these items by reviewing the June Council Agenda, available on the Council Documents page of the website. Minutes are posted to the website upon approval from Council (typically at the following month’s Council meeting).

Next GreenStar Council Meeting: Tuesday, July 12th beginning at 6:30 PM 

Tentative July Council Agenda (subject to change):

  1. Land Acknowledgement 
  2. Attendance, Announcements & Member Comments 
  3. Consent Agenda: 
    1. Approve Minutes: June 14, 2022 Council Meeting
    2. Approve Amendment to Policy B.6
  4. GM & IGM, AIGM Update / Q&A 
  5. Update from Operations: Cooperators in the Community 
  6. Proposal: Monitoring Policy B.1 – Financial Condition 
  7. Proposal: Monitoring Policy C.3 – Council Work Plan 
  8. Proposal: IGM/AIGM Appreciation Gifts 
  9. Proposal: to Rescind Emergency Powers to the GM 
  10. Proposal: Approve Member-at-Large Code of Conduct
  11. Break (10)
  12. Executive Session: Specific Personnel
  13. New Business:
    1. Proposal: Draft Amendments to Policy C.5 – Code of Conduct 
    2. Proposal: Draft Procedure – Council Code of Conduct 
    3. Proposal: Draft Amendments to Policy C.6, Repeal of the GreenLeaf Policy 
    4. Planning: Elections, Annual Meeting 

14. Council Communications – Training: Social Media Best Practices & Guidelines for Boards

Member-Owners are always welcome to attend!

Meetings are held online. Email for instructions on how to attend. Meeting agendas are posted online 6 days before the meeting at:

Come early for a Conversation with Council!

From 6:00 – 6:30 PM GreenStar members are invited to join Council members for an opportunity to engage in conversation. This 30 minute period is an “open-mic” format and will be recurring – taking place ahead of the GreenStar Council meeting every second Tuesday of the month. Email for instructions on how to attend.