Laurie’s Grain-Free Bakehouse creates great-tasting, all-natural artisan breads, small-batch treats, grain-free mixes, and more. Their foods are functional, grain-free, allergy-friendly, while blending the perfect balance of flavor, texture, and nutrition. As a woman-owned, family-operated business, Laurie’s Grain-Free Bakehouse has a passion for great food, good health, and helping people. Enjoy their excellent, grain-free products for every occasion.

As is so often the case with women-owned businesses, Laurie’s Grain Free Bakehouse grew out of a life experience and unmet need for founder and baker Laurie Geis.

Over 20 years ago, after the birth of her son Elijah, Laurie struggled with serious health challenges that doctors were unable to diagnose. She was rapidly losing weight and became rather sick, and eventually learned that she could no longer eat wheat, gluten, or dairy. Laurie searched stores for nutritious, gluten-free options. At the time, gluten-free products were minimal, and nutritious gluten-free products were unheard of. Unable to find what she was looking for, Laurie headed to her kitchen.

What began as an experiment to bake Christmas cookies with her son, Elijah, or birthday cupcakes soon turned into the realization that she needed to learn to bake all over again. Slowly, Laurie’s experiments evolved into flour blends, muffins, pound cakes and breads. In 2005 a family business with over 50 products was born.

Five years later, at the height of the success of her business, Laurie discovered that she could no longer eat the food they were producing. Pain, inflammation and severe adrenal fatigue became debilitating, and Laurie discovered that she couldn’t eat any grain products at all. Laurie shut down her bakery, went back to school and earned a degree in nutrition. She spent three years the test kitchen, recreating all of her recipes free from grains, gluten, dairy and nuts.

Finding grain-free ingredients that were both tasty and healthful was challenging, but she discovered a bean flour blend that is now the foundation of her products. Because the beans are cooked before being dried and powdered, the flour is easily digested, its nutrients readily available and easily absorbed. The rest of the ingredient list is notable for what’s not on it — no grains, nuts, dairy, fillers, or preservatives.

In 2013, she re-opened the bakery, and Laurie’s Grain-Free Bakehouse was born. Today, Laurie’s products still boast a short and sweet ingredient list, unlike many gluten-free baked goods. She’s also introduced breads and flatbread that are vegan, as are many of the muffin flavors. And because everything is made in a dedicated gluten-free facility, there’s no risk of cross-contamination.

Like herself, Laurie recognizes that so many people need these types of products, and she’s excited to able to meet their needs. That is, after all, why she founded the bakery – to help meet needs – a need to be healthy, to feel good and to enjoy life. Most importantly, it was built on love and continues to be.

Laurie’s Grain Free Bakehouse Products at GreenStar

You can find a wide variety of Laurie’s Grain Free products throughout GreenStar’s 770 Cascadilla Street store. Look for her breads in our freezer aisle – there’s a different variety for every day of the week! Her grain-free all-purpose flour and brownie mix can be found in the baking aisle, along with her panko-style breadcrumbs. And we can’t wait to get her amazing variety of muffins back!