One of my jobs is to come up with ideas for our monthly newsletter, the GreenLeaf. For April, I had some fun creating a mini greenhouse out of recyclable materials. Did anyone else see this cute idea on Pinterest? It seems really easy to do with kids. My family will be making these over April break.

Collect some plastic salad boxes ( you can recycle these in Tompkins County) and egg cartons (compostable). Cut the cartons to fit the boxes. Fill almost to the top of the egg carton with light potting soil, which is best for starting seedlings, and add  you seeds. Press the seeds in about 1/4 inch. I usually put 2 seeds into each “little pot”. Sometimes you will get 2 plants, and will almost always will get one. Cover the seeds with bit more soil and water lightly. Place the lid on the container and find a nice warm, sunny spot (you may have to move the cat). Water once a week and wait .




We did not have to wait long. About  2 weeks later our calendula seeds grew into little sprouts. After the sprouts grow an inch or so, remove the lid and keep in the sunny spot until you can plant outside or transfer to a more permanent container. Calendula is pretty cold tolerant and looks nice in any garden.