GreenStar Community,

As you know, NYS lifted the statewide indoor mask mandate effective February 10, 2022 and on February 28, 2022 Tompkins County Health Department announced the suspension of its local mask advisory except in certain settings where it remains required. Since the announcement from Tompkins County Health Department, we have encouraged, though not required customers to wear masks in our stores. On the other hand, we have mandated our staff to continue wearing masks while working to support customers in a more comfortable transition to indoor environments in which fewer people are wearing masks.

As a participatory workplace, GreenStar conducted a vote from March 2 – 9 among employees empowering the majority to determine whether or not staff must continue to wear masks or exercise choice in wearing masks while working. The majority has voted that staff should be able to exercise individual choice about whether or not they wear a mask while working.

Effective March 11, you may see some staff not wearing a mask while others continue to wear masks. Both are acceptable by GreenStar and demonstrate a unique principle of your food cooperative – democracy. GreenStar also respects your right to choose  whether or not to wear a mask in our stores.

GreenStar will comply with local or state mandates if they are modified.

Thank you for supporting your Co-op!