GreenStar members have the opportunity to participate in our Member Labor program. Shifts are two hours long and can be a “super-worker” shift (working once per week) or a “member-worker” shift (working once per month). Super-workers help in all of our stores, stocking the shelves, bagging groceries, cleaning, and more. In exchange, they receive a 15.5% discount. Member-workers serve on Council committees and receive an 8% discount. Learn more about our Member Labor volunteer program on our website or contact our Membership Department at

Meet Judy Burill

Where do you hail from? I grew up in Boston, Brookline actually, but have lived in the Ithaca area for almost 40 years.

How long have you been a member of GreenStar? At least 34 years!

Which department do you work for? What’s most enjoyable about your shift? Bulk. I enjoy working with my long-term shift partner, interacting with Joe and Adam (Bulk staff) and helping to keep the Bulk section well stocked.

What do you do when you’re not at the Co-op? Care to share some of your favorite hobbies? I teach people how to build their communication skills in ways that increase understanding, trust, and empathy. I also love to hike, ski, bird, garden, and cuddle with my dogs.

How did you become interested in working at the Co-op? I liked the idea of supporting the Co-op and appreciated receiving the super-worker discount, especially since we had one income as a homeschooling family.

What’s your favorite item that GreenStar carries in your department? The gluten-free grains and flour, including gluten-free rolled oats. I enjoy the dried guava, mango, and persimmons, as well as the many kinds of roasted cashews. I also appreciate being able to buy almonds from a farm that uses primarily rain water and renewable energy to grow its almonds.

What’s your favorite local spot to visit? I never tire of hiking in the gorges or the Mulholland Wildflower Preserve in the spring to see all the spring wildflowers. Do you have any hopes and dreams for GreenStar’s future? That GreenStar always

Do you have any hopes and dreams for GreenStar’s future? That GreenStar will always be more responsive to its members’ desires concerning which products are carried rather than profit dictating product line. For GreenStar to always carry affordable products so that people with less money can shop here.

Anything else you’d like to share? I remember when the bulk work table was out in the middle of the store. I got to help lots of folks shopping but it didn’t allow for as much privacy while working my shift.