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Community Owned Since 1971

Community Owned, Everyone Welcome

GreenStar is a community-owned, consumer cooperative, over 12,000 owners strong. At GreenStar, we celebrate fresh, whole foods, sustainable living, and the transformative power of a strong local economy.

When you join GreenStar, you join the worldwide cooperative movement, changing the way business is done by placing people and environment first, and investing profits back to the Co-op and community. We value local farmers and producers, community, health, the environment, and social justice, and we consider the impact of the choices we make on the things that we value.

We are committed to being inclusive and free of discrimination. We seek out and welcome people from diverse communities to participate in a community-owned cooperative business structure. We are an affirmative action and equal opportunity employer.

Benefits of Co-op Ownership

While you don’t have to be an owner to shop at GreenStar, the benefits are truly amazing!

GreenStar Co-op Owners Can:
  • Run for GreenStar’s Council, our Board of Directors
  • Vote to elect our Board of Directors, on By-Laws changes, and initiate and vote on member referendums that impact GreenStar policy
  • Serve on a GreenStar Council Committee or become a SuperWorker
  • Attend Co-op Owner meetings & forums
  • Enjoy Co-op social events & community projects
Co-op Owners Enjoy These Special Savings:

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How To Join

Joining is easy, with affordable payment options available!

Please note that: All GreenStar Co-op memberships are individual memberships, good for one adult 18 years and older.  Spouses, partners and other adults must have their own individual memberships.

To join, fill out an application at any cash register in our stores, or at the Customer Service Desk in the West End store, and make your preferred equity payment, as described below (we apologize that we can’t accept online payments).

Equity Payment Options:

Your Equity investment promotes the growth and sustainability of our store. A full equity share is $90, which you can pay all at once, or in annual installments over time while receiving all membership benefits:

  • Pay in $9 annual installments (plus a $1 processing fee)
  • Pay in $4 annual installments (plus a $1 processing fee) *

* If you qualify for the FLOWER program, our food access discount, you should apply for FLOWER before joining the Co-op. If you’ve never been a GreenStar Co-op Owner before and are approved for the FLOWER program, we’ll pay your first year’s equity payment of $4. You will then be responsible for making the annual $4 equity payments in subsequent years. Learn more about FLOWER here.

You may withdraw from the Co-op at any time subject to provisions in the Bylaws. At that time you can apply for a refund of your equity investment paid to date (not including processing fee or interest), or you can donate your equity to the Co-op.

Contact the Membership Department for more information. / 607-273-9392 ext. 234