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Community Owned Food Co-op,
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GreenStar is a consumer cooperative, collectively owned by over 13,000 member-owners. Everyone is welcome to shop at GreenStar Food Co-op, where we celebrate fresh groceries, whole foods, sustainable living, and the transformative power of a strong local economy. With 3 locations across the Ithaca and Collegetown, NY region, we take pride in opening our grocery store’s doors to everyone in the community.

When you join GreenStar, you join the worldwide cooperative movement, changing the way business is done by placing people and the environment first and investing profits back into the Co-op and community. We value local farmers and producers, community, health, the environment, and social justice, and we consider the impact of the choices we make on the things that we value.

We are committed to being inclusive and free of discrimination. We seek out and welcome people from diverse communities to participate in a community-owned cooperative business structure. We are an affirmative action and equal opportunity employer.

GreenStar memberships are for individuals 18 years of age and older; household or family memberships are not available. Organizational Co-op Memberships are available for locally-owned businesses, cooperatives, nonprofits, and school groups. Contact for details.

Benefits of Co-op Member-Ownership

While you don’t have to be a Member-Owner to shop at GreenStar, the benefits are truly amazing!

GreenStar Co-op Members Can:
  • Access GreenStar’s Online Member Center to actively engage online with their membership
  • Use EasyPay – a prepaid account program for GreenStar purchases
  • Receive electronic receipts for all purchases
  • Run for GreenStar’s Council, our Board of Directors, or serve on a GreenStar Council committee
  • Vote for GreenStar Council, vote on bylaws changes, and initiate and vote on member referenda that impact GreenStar policy
  • Vote for Partners for Change, and help direct GreenStar’s donations to community nonprofit organizations
  • Join the Cooperators in the Community team, and earn a 15.5% discount for volunteering with Community Partners
  • Attend Co-op member meetings & forums, social events & community projects
Members Enjoy These Special Savings:
  • Owner Deals, Member-Only Coupons, and Owner Appreciation Sales
  • Bulk Case Sales
  • 5% off GreenStar branded merchandise
  • Wellness Wednesdays – 10% off  most Supplements and Health and Beauty aids every Wednesday
  • IncrediBulk Thursdays – 10% off most of the Bulk aisle every Thursday
  • 13% FLOWER food access discount for eligible individuals
  • 5.5% discount for people 65+ years of age and people with disabilities
  • Place Special Orders, with a 5% discount on regularly priced items
  • Patronage Refund in profitable years for the Co-op

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How To Become a GreenStar Member

Joining is easy, with affordable payment options available!

At GreenStar, membership IS ownership, and joining the Co-op makes you both a member and an owner. As a member, you can feel confident that your participation ensures that your Co-op remains strong and vibrant, and enables us to continue to serve our members and honor our responsibility for the sustainable development of our community. Choosing to join the Co-op means that you are expressing your commitment to an equitable, robust and vital local economy.

Please note: GreenStar Co-op memberships are individual memberships, good for one adult 18 years and older. Spouses, partners and housemates must have their own individual memberships.

To join, fill out an application at any cash register in our stores, at the Customer Service Desk at our main store, or download the form below and bring it into the store, and make your preferred equity payment, as described below (we apologize that we can’t accept online payments).

Equity Payment Options:

Your equity investment promotes the health and sustainability of the Co-op. A Full Equity share is $90, which you can pay all at once, or in annual installments over time while receiving all membership benefits:

  • Pay in $10 annual installments
  • Pay in $5 annual installments *

*If you qualify for the FLOWER program, our food access discount, and have never been a GreenStar Member-Owner, you should apply for FLOWER before making an equity payment. GreenStar will make the first equity payment of $5 for approved FLOWER applicants who have never been a GreenStar Co-op Member. You’ll then be responsible for making your annual $5 equity payments in subsequent years to keep your membership active. Learn more about FLOWER here.

You may withdraw your membership from the Co-op at any time subject to provisions in the Bylaws, and choose to have your equity refunded to you or donated to the Co-op.

Contact the Member-Owner Services for more information. / 607-273-9392 ext. 129