Jillian Brazel,
Pastry Chef

Come check out some lesser-known Bakery products —pre-made dough, power bars, and Irish soda bread!

Ahh, here we are in January. As you nestle in and wait for spring to reappear, consider these Three Bakery Items You May Not Have Known Existed!

1) Wheat Dough — On Saturdays at the West End store, find our unbaked pizza dough in the Deli grab-and-go cooler. Mold a calzone, roll out a pizza, tie up garlic knots, stretch cheesy bread sticks! No limit to what you might dough.

2) Sesame Power Bars — Looking for a healthy pick-me-up snack? Check out our Sesame Power Bar. Made with rolled oats, flax, and chia seeds, plus delicious dried cherries and cranberries, it offers a yummy boost of energy to get you through the too-short winter days.

3) Irish Soda Bread — An unlikely mix of currants and caraway seeds gives this hearty bread its unique sweet-and-savory flavor. It’s even more delicious warmed up with a dab of butter. Look for it at the West End store near the muffins and scones!