Marilyn Chase

from Marilyn Chase, Council President

GreenStar Council News for October 2021

Change is the Only Constant

If that is true, and from my point of view it certainly is, then what are we to do other than embrace it? Move with it? Adapt to it? Create opportunity from it?

Over the last few weeks I have had the opportunity to meet with and offer support to our Interim General Manager, Deb Peskin and our Assistant Interim General Manager, Giles McCarty. I have enjoyed getting to know them – two very dedicated, capable, competent, and compassionate Co-op leaders who I look forward to working with during this time of transition.

Next week, Council Vice President Kara Cusolito and I will meet with the GreenStar Management Team. This will be the first we have gathered with staff since before the pandemic and the move, and we are excited to establish a dialogue – one we intend to work on strengthening.

Council is also considering ways to reconnect with you! We are aiming to have an in-store presence by the end of November or early December and cannot wait to see you!

Highlights from the October Council Meeting

At it’s October regular meeting, Council approved a Training Schedule for the 2022 Council year. Training has always been important for Council members to be well prepared for the work and to continue to develop skills. We created a training schedule which provides each Council member with opportunities to enhance their work, while increasing their knowledge of governance and cooperative management. 

We also approved the 2022 Council Work Plan.  Just like the rest of the policy book, it is a living document. I maintain the current work plan throughout the year.

At any time members may view the work that Council has scheduled and the status of each task by accessing the Council Work Plan that is linked in the GreenStar Policy Book appendix section. Just like the rest of the policy book, Council’s Work Plan is a living document that is maintained throughout the year. .

Last month I announced that Council was planning a Policy Blitz in October, an all day Council event to perform a comprehensive review of our B, C, and D Policies, and then develop  amendments to be discussed and approved by Council. The event did come at a cost, however.  Council determined that we can accomplish this task on our own. The Governance Committee is now leading this effort with the help of an in-depth analysis conducted by David Sibley.

Council monitored Policy C.5 – Council Members Code of Conduct finding ourselves in compliance except sub policy 3.b – submission of a Conflict of Interest form. Council directed the non-compliant Council member to complete and submit a form finding the plan to bring us into compliance as reasonable. Sub policy 3.b addresses Council members submission of Conflict of Interest declaration forms.

Council also reviewed and discussed the 2nd quarter B.1 – Financial Conditions report. Rob Lewis, GreenStar’s Finance Director, was present to address questions. The B.1 Report will be on the November Council Agenda for a vote.

You can find details on these items by reviewing the October Council Agenda, available on the Council Documents page of the website. Minutes are posted to the website upon approval from Council (typically at the following month’s Council meeting).

Next GreenStar Council Meeting:

Tuesday, November 9th from 6:30-9:30 pm 

Meetings are held online. Email for instructions on how to attend. Meeting agendas are posted online 6 days before the meeting at:

Member-Owners are always welcome to attend.  Come early for a Conversation with Council!

From 6:00 – 6:30pm GreenStar members are invited to join Council members for an opportunity to engage in conversation. This 30 minute period is an “open-mic” format and will be recurring – taking place ahead of the GreenStar Council meeting every second Tuesday of the month. Email for instructions on how to attend.